5 Questions to ask yourself at the End of the Day

5 Questions to ask yourself at the End of the Day

Every day brings with its own set of thoughts, emotions, opportunities, ideas, problems, and much more. Every day can be the same and every day can be different, depending upon your approach.

How can you then know how did your day go? How can you evaluate each day?

At the end of each day, you can ask yourself a set of questions, even if they seem overwhelming at first, you can start with one and then keep adding one by one to your list.

You can ponder upon these questions, you can journal your answers, you can simply think about them… But a simple exercise of this sorts helps you manage your days in the micro, so the impact can look and feel even better in the macro.

Here goes the questions…

A. Do you, at the end of the day, look back and just observe everything that happened with you, around you?

B. How did this day affect you? How did it impact you? What did you get out of it?

C. How did your actions affect other people? How did their actions affect you? How did your words affect others and vice versa?

D. Were you satisfied with the events of this day? If not, what changes can you think of so the process of those events can be changed the next time around?

E. Were you able to manage your time? Were you able to allot some time for yourself?

Questions that may look complicated, but are actually simple questions in theory, questions that help you personally perceive your day and your life in a different manner and may ask you to take difficult steps that you wouldn’t have thought of in the first place.

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