The most useless blog post

The most useless blog post

We sometimes consume the most useless content ever – in the form of articles, tweets, memes, Reels, videos, in whatever form, even if it is not adding anything to our life. We put it all under the context of “entertainment”.

We are living in a time of doomscrolling, where we end up swiping through the phone for hours, without realizing how the day has gone by, and end up calling it a busy day, instead of noticing how unproductive it truly went.

So, I write the most useless blog post today, to create that awareness around the useless content we consume, and to ask whether we should consume it or not. Should we keep following those accounts or not? What are we counting as useful and useless? What truly is entertainment?

A useless blog post to probably highlight a few useful questions that could negate the uselessness in the future.

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