The date is August 3, 2026

The date is August 3, 2026. 5 Years from Today. You imagine today is that day. Just visualize it!

Now, ask yourself the following questions…

Do you want to be mentally healthy?
Do you want to be physically healthy?
Do you want to be free of all ailments?
Do you want a positive voice in your head?
Do you want to have less anxiety and/or less stress?
Do you want to be satisfied or feel fulfilled in life?
Do you want to have fewer problems in your life?
Do you want to evolve to a higher version than what you were 5 years ago?

In order to say ‘YES‘ to those questions 5 years from today, the work for it starts TODAY.

Your today’s actions may not have an impact today, but they definitely have an impact ONE year from today, FIVE years from today, and TWENTY years from today.

The life you live today affects your future, no one else’s.


25 Years and 25 Lessons of my Life

As I’m about to turn 26, here’s a better time than other to look back and reflect at the 25 years of my life that I’ve been able to live and enjoy and now it’s time to retrospect.

With such experiences, with such learning, there are a ton of lessons that have shaped my life and will continue to do as well.

Here’s a summary of all of the retrospection and reflection and ultimately, the 25 Lessons of my Life –

1. Everything happens according to its own timeline

The impatience within us, is so deep-rooted that it takes over not only for the bigger things in life, but also for the smallest of things. That impatience leads to wanting everything too soon, you do something now, and you want to see the results of it, right now itself and only with learning and mistakes, do you understand that life doesn’t work that way.

Everything happens when it has to happen, you just have to keep pushing through, without stopping, if its truly something you want to live/ pursue/ want.

2. Failure is not the end of the world

Quite often, when we fail (at anything), we feel broken, we feel shattered, there’s an end of the world feeling attached to it. Thinking like there’s no tomorrow.

But, with time and experience, you understand that failure is not the end, but the beginning, it’s a stepping stone filled with learning, now knowing what you don’t have to do or what you can do better.

3. Happiness is Within, not in anything, nor anywhere else

When you go beyond how our mind is conditioned, when you go beyond your needs and wants, and change your mindset and perspective, you start to understand how happiness is within you.

It’s one of the emotions that you feel, living a certain kind of life, doing certain things. It’s not a chase, nor an outcome, nor available in any one thing or any one place.

4. When you control your Health, you control everything else as well

It’s only when you lose control of your physical or your mental health, or both, you start seeing its effects on your life as well, whether internally or externally.

How you feel within and how you act and react, all is a consequence of your mental and physical health.

5. Present Pleasures can have Future Consequences

In the younger years of our lives, for whatever reasons, we feel lost in the world of escapism, with a feeling of pleasure towards those things – whether related to food, people, activities, actions.

At the moment, we feel like this is the only thing to do, without even realizing that if not at the moment, then in the future, there are consequences attached to it – which have an impact on your life, your destiny, your future.

6. Entitlement makes you lose your focus and capabilities

When you feel entitled towards something, either at home, or from outsiders, or from any other establishment, you feel like you automatically deserve something without doing anything for it.

An approach of that sort is nothing less than a shortcut, to get something you want without putting in the work for it. It makes you lose your focus towards your own life, what you are capable of getting on your own.

7. Only those who experience it, understand the importance of Spirituality

People often confuse spirituality with being religious, and mix the two and their takeaways from it. Spirituality helps you go deeper in your life, helps you still your mind and body, relaxes you, shows you your true self.

Unless you walk on that path, unless you don’t experience those things and more, you don’t really understand its importance on your life.

8. Your Early 20s are your best years to experiment

Your early 20s and even before are the years when you don’t understand your life nor the world, you think you do, but you don’t.

It’s at such a time, with the rawness, excitement, and the eagerness to experiment, when you can, instead of settling on the societal norms, do brilliant things in those years without even thinking about the future for a moment.

9. The concept of doing everything by a certain age are just societal concepts created to limit you

Speaking of societal norms, whosoever started this and then continued it over these years, on a mass scale, was successful in hindering the growth of the human kind.

Everything has to be done by a certain age, whether you want it or not, or else people will start asking questions, start judging you and now you have this pressure to do those x number of things. Well, you can reframe your mind and go beyond this, and live the life you want to live and enjoy.

10. As you age, you realize you need very few people around you whom you want to continue your journey with

With all the acquaintances that have and all the networking you do, as you age, and not just with age, but as you understand the life you want to live, you want to be around only a few people.

These few people of your inner circle whom you want to continue your journey with, whom you want to share everything with and grow together.

11. Questioning things is a way out of the matrix

To explain with that theory, if we are in a matrix, where all of us are programmed to live in a certain way, do the same things, want the same things, live the same life, to get out of it is to question everything.

When you question, you seek the answers, you learn new things, you evolve and develop yourself in the process and now you start asking deeper questions and keep evolving yourself to a better version of yourself.

12. Everything is interconnected within you

With what you do, what you eat, what you speak, how you think, how you live your day, what you consume, everything is interconnected.

Because you feel a certain way, you speak a certain way and you eat a certain something and you then feel another emotion and that cycle keeps spinning. Everything is interconnected within you and when you realize that is when you start to be in control of your life.

13. There doesn’t need to be just one passion

With all this hype of having a passion and doing what you’re passionate about, a revelation which few people come across, is that you can have multiple passions.

Your life can be lived with multiple passions, doing multiple things with different outcomes in mind.

14. Live your plans, instead of postponing them for the future

You don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, or whether you’d be able to do something tomorrow or not. We end up planning for things 5 years, 10 years, 50 years, in the future.

Instead of thinking about the future, or postponing something for a later date in life, if you can live it today, if you can do it today, then why not experience that moment in your current phase of your life.

15. No matter how cruel the world gets, there’s always some hope out there to make it better

The world can be a bitter place, where everything that happens can seem for the worse. Whatever happens may seem why is it happening, it doesn’t make sense and why cannot one day go by without anything bad or cruel happening.

But, when you look closely, you will always find stories that are positive, that have a positive impact on the society, humanity, on the planet. And that fills you with hope that things will be better.

16. Everything about you can be changed

No matter how you feel or think about yourself in the moment, no matter what has happened in your past, do know that everything about you can be changed.

That change has to be brought onto yourself by you alone, you’re in charge. But yes, everything from your mindset, to your perspective and lifestyle, to your habits, each and everything about you can be changed.

17. Empathy and Gratitude are the center point of our lives

The two things that are never taught to us, but are life-changing and become the center point of our lives, when we understand them and practice them – empathy and gratitude.

We think communication solves problems, but it’s not communication, it’s empathy that’s the key. Having empathy helps you understand a certain point from the other person’s point of view, their perspective – why are they saying what they are saying or feeling.

Being grateful for everything about you and everything that you get to do and have helps you to understand everything that you have, whereas you thought you didn’t have anything and were chasing something exterior to fill that hole.

18. Things happen for a reason and you only realize it in hindsight

When things happen, knowingly or unknowingly, we wonder why! Why me? Why did this have to happen with me? At the time we only feel sad or distraught or clueless or some other emotion.

It’s only in hindsight do we realize, whatever happened, happened for a reason. That one speedbreaker actually led you to a better road or even a highway, but only in hindsight do we understand that.

19. Most of the problems in life are connected with your mindset and your lifestyle

Life full of problems, piling one after the other – whether emotionally, or in your relationships, or with work, or mentally or physically, or all of them – usually when you go to the roots of your problem, you understand that it’s usually connected with either your mindset, or your lifestyle, or both.

Taking a step before you notice anything – with your perspective, with your mindset, and your lifestyle, you can have an upper hand at your life, which will eventually help you grow and help you live a successful life.

20. Don’t waste time impressing others and living a life you don’t want to live

Quite often, we do things that has less to do with us and more to do with others. Either in the form of jealousy or comparisons or pride, we often pursue something or want its outcome or want an external object, just to impress others.

A want for them to realize what you have done or what you have got, and that will make you feel validated. But, alas, it’s an empty feeling, which has no meaning. Instead, you can live a life you want to life, do things you truly want, and accordingly make your decisions.

21. Those who cause hurt are themselves hurting too

When people try to bring you down, when they troll you, or make fun of you or bully you, its often because they themselves are hurt and it’s just an escapist approach they take to make themselves feel better.

Once we understand that, we start to not let those things impact us and simultaneously try to help them, in whatever form we can.

22. Writing is the best form of clarity you can get

Whether for yourself, or in the form of books or blogs, or something else, writing in general is the best form of therapy for yourself, an outlet, which gives you the best clarity you can get.

In that world of words, you write your thoughts, which leads to you having deeper thoughts, and you start connecting things and asking questions and forming a different perspective than before – all of which comes when you write.

23. Everyone has their own set of problems in life

No matter how wonderful does one’s life look, or at least one aspect of it (that you can see), each and every individual has their own set of problems.

Before thinking that your life is crappy and why is someone else’s life so beautiful, and before you start judging yourself or comparing yourself with others, also know that everyone (including you) have their own set of problems, that they are dealing with.

24. Real growth happens when you help others

Irrespective of how much you want or how much you already have, real growth happens when all of that learning and experience and success that you have received is used to help someone else.

Help doesn’t always need to be financial, and when you help someone else, that feeling, that growth which occurs within, you truly feel you have made a real impact onto the world.

25. Life is a Gift of its own

Crossing the odds of 400 trillion to 1, here we are, a human being on this planet. Life truly is a gift that we get to live, it’s everything we need and should want, never knowing if we would ever have such an experience again.
We chase our needs and wants, we chase status and fame, we chase recognition, and yet the truest gift is life itself – the place where all questions and answers end.

The biggest and best lesson I have ever been able to learn.


As you read this, I’d have turned 26 and Life continues. So much to live, so much to figure out, so much to learn and experience.

Hope this was something worthwhile.


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5 Years of Zazz

5 years ago, 1st of December 2015, the journey of Zazz started for me, with the then introduction of Zazz Media, my digital agency set with an intent to build brands online.

With that being the goal for Zazz Media, the ulterior motive was to introduce the Zazz in people’s lives, at the time through marketing.

With time and changes, lessons have been learned, approach has been changed, experimentations have happened and some failed as well.

But, what remains constant is the influence and impact of Zazz that needs to be introduced.

Now, along with marketing, another macro layer that has been added, that I’m super passionate about is to Zazz people’s lives, introduce awareness and a different outlook to life than what is currently lived.

That journey is super long, but the seeds are planted day by day, the impact of which clearly cannot happen in a day or month, but that is what the journey is about.

Even after 5 years of Zazz, it feels like a fresh start, a new beginning, a new sense of drive and motivation to surely make it a 50 years of Zazz.


Avoiding Burnout

Burnout is not something that you can avoid, but rather something for which you either take steps to control it beforehand or take care of it once it happens.

In most cases, you feel the burnout when you’ve given your all to the process, all your efforts, all your energy, and as an outcome of that process, you feel the burnout.

Irrespective of whether the outcome was in your favour or not.

Burnout is something that can happen anytime, to anyone.

And its not just towards your work or your work timings, but you can feel it towards everything else in life too.

But, how can you avoid it or rather control it before or after?

Well, it starts with becoming self aware of yourself, who you are, your needs, your interests, your energy levels, understanding when you need a break, when do you need to start taking care of yourself, when do you need to take a step back and analyze the entire situation again.

When you realize that the scale isn’t balanced anymore and when it is tilting and it’ll impact you, is when you need to start taking the steps towards it.


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Six Takeaways while building your Brand on Social Media

Social Media is filled with brands selling products and services and consumers receiving hundred of ads everyday, in a confused state of mind. Why? Because, these people aren’t brand loyalists and on top of that, may have never heard of those brands too.

So, what’s the right way for the brands to proceed?
Focus on building brand and providing value on the digital platforms. From a long-term perspective, the audience will connect to the brand and thus, their products and services too.

Here are six takeaways to keep in mind while building your brand on social media –

A. Maintaining the Brand Tone is crucial
Every brand needs a consistent tone over all their platforms, online and offline. The design, the colour, the fonts and the overall appearance constitute the brand tone.

Whether it’s your website, your offline marketing creatives or your social media profiles, you need to maintain your tone at all places. It helps to increase the recognition of your brand to your audience.

In regards to social media, the moment your audience sees your content while scrolling through, they should immediately recognize who has posted it, just by looking at it.

To reach that level, you need brand consistency, and you need to focus on providing value and creating content from a long term perspective.

B. Providing Value is Key
Every brand wants to build an online community for themselves; who engage with their content and in the end, become their customers too.

Often, a brand focuses on selling their product/ service first before providing any value to them. The content plays a crucial role while building your community.

If the consumer benefits from your content, especially on a long-term basis, they start interacting constantly and consider themselves a part of the brand.

Thus, the primary focus should be on providing value.

Value, Value and Value, then comes the Ask.

C. Keep Your Message Perfectly Clear
While creating your social media profiles, either for your personal brand or your professional brand, your message should be clear.

Anyone visiting your profile wants to know the ‘WHY’. Why should they follow you, how would they benefit from following you?

This message especially applies to everyone creating a personal brand. Keep your base simple, stick to it and ensure you’re authentic about your content.

Keeping your Bio, your Posts, your Story Highlights as clear as possible; it helps the audience understand the message you’re trying to send.

D. Focus on the Tools that you have
With the number of social media platforms available, Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ Pinterest/ Snapchat/ LinkedIn/ TikTok/ Medium/ Quora, where you can engage with your customers and attract attention.

Every brand requires an in-depth study, how can they differentiate their content for those platforms.

Your brand could perform the best on TikTok and vice-versa on LinkedIn, you never know. Simultaneously, both could be a vital part of your brand.

It would be best if you focused on every tool available in the market. Any of them could work wonders for you; your main focus should be reaching out to your target audience on every platform.

E. Social Media is more than Followers + Likes
As an advertising agency, or a brand, or an influencer, with every platform, everyone tends to focus on the followers and likes to measure their engagement. However, when it comes to reaching out to more people, social media is more vital than that.

With the tools available within the platform and externally too, there are insights which show impressions and people reached and profile visits, which shows the impact you’re making with your content.

The number of views and impressions should matter more because, from the long-term perspective of brand-building, these same people will see your content again and again, and eventually attract to it, if they’re your target audience.

Thus, initially, one’s focus should be on reaching out to more people, simultaneously creating genuine content which holds value to them, eventually building a community for your brand.

F. Community Engagement is Necessary
As an individual or a brand, it’s always about more followers and likes, that everyone tends to forget the people who have already connected to them.

Community Engagement is the #1 step to connect with and grow your audience. Connect with people in your comments!

A meaningful reply to a genuine comment, or at most, a ❤️ says that you appreciate and acknowledge what they’re saying.

Every engagement builds further to this same person sharing your content, or connecting you with someone else who might be beneficial to your brand, as a potential customer.

Our mission with Zazz Media is to change the way people perceive brands on the digital platforms

We offer social media consultations, where we plan, strategise and create a social media plan for you, whether it’s for your professional brand or your personal brand.

It is a long, intricate, detailed map covering the brands’ footprints on every social media platform required for them, and how to execute at each of them.

Along with these plans, we also guide the client with tips such as these, which would help them from a long-term perspective.



Life is so simple, yet we complicate it.

We twist it with other people’s judgements and opinions; we confuse it with keeping materialistic goals at the benchmark to become successful; we hinder its progress by living a life we don’t want to live.

And for what?


Perspective matters.

How do you approach a particular situation in life depends on your perspective!

You can approach a negative situation with a macro positive perspective of life.

You can approach a positive situation with a micro negative perspective of life and not enjoy the positive results at all.


It all depends on you. Your perspective decides who you are and who you want to be, how you’d like to move forward in life.

You have the power to change that perspective, if you want to, if you feel it’s not in the right direction! And it all starts with your mindset!


Perspective matters.


Make Positivity Louder

Make Positivity Louder

I’m super passionate about this and also understand why its so important – my mission – #MakePositivityLouder

Positivity is the route to happiness!

Your positivity can lead to your happiness and of those around you.

Be positive and see the perspective change in every situation than before!

On a path to a successful life – life also hits you with specific moments of concern, stress and problems. How positively you handle them makes you the person you are!

  • In the social media world, full of negative opinions and remarks, one positive comment cheers up a person, you won’t imagine how.
  • Showing positive support towards another person’s plans/ ideas for their future will give them the backing they need.
  • Tackling every situation with a positive attitude will provide you with a better outcome and understanding of it.
  • If you’re optimistic, there is nothing one can’t achieve – no matter how unusual or how big their dreams are.

Spread Positivity!


We are always trying to catch up!

Oh, there’s a new movie that you have to watch!
This new phone in the market is absolutely ridiculous, go check it out.
Are you crazy to not that new restaurant in town?
And more of such similar situations.


Have you realized, it’s always about catching up with someone else?

Everyone around us influences us to a level to make us things we don’t know whether we’d like to do it or not.


What it should be about, is doing anything and everything out of your own choice, and for your own happiness.

Think about it, the next time you’re about to do something that wasn’t out of your own thought!


You Do You!

We often look towards others, when we are looking for the ‘right’ thing to do!

What’s the right market opportunity at the moment?

What’s the right investment strategy?

What’s the right course to study?

We often forget that there’s no “right” thing at all!


You’ve to do what’s right for you!

This is also where self-awareness comes in – you need to know yourself, what your strengths are, what your goals are, where does your happiness lie and then do that!

You do you!


We try to fit in!

We try to fit in with everyone else thinking, “Are we doing the right thing?” and yet, we forget that every human being is unique!

Every individual has a different purpose and everyone has to be different! The world would be a lot weirder if each and every one of us has the same goal, with the same amount of execution and same routines too! Don’t you think so?

So instead of trying to blend in, let’s all be different, have our own unique journeys, with different goals and different purposes.


I finally met GaryVee || May 16th 2019

Since 2016, and more than that, since Aug’18, Gary has had a deeper impact on my mind and my work. He has become my inspiration, my role model and my mentor.

I’d always thought, what would it be like to watch him live and meet him. And it was beyond my imagination!

The moment I knew, Gary’s coming to Singapore for the National Achievers Congress 2019 event, I knew this was the best opportunity I could ever get!

– Watching him live
– Getting my Crushing It signed
– Getting a Hug
– Thanking him for everything in person
*Life Goals complete* (or rather just begun, now that I’ve met him)

But yeah, this day, 16th of May’19 was the single biggest moment of my life. Would never forget it and will always look up to this day for Inspiration! ❤️

Thank you, Gary! ❤️


Shut the Noise and Live a Happier Life!

We live in an opinionated world today, filled with judgements from other people. The interesting scenario is, all of us, tend to care about each of these opinions.

We allow these people’s opinions to dictate our lives, who aren’t aware of our day-to-day, our mindset, our goals. We let these opinions sway our decisions and basically, continue down the traditional route every time.

Have you heard these before?
👉🏻”Why are you risking of starting up, when you can work at a stable job?”
👉🏻”This is certainly not the right time to start! You should wait for some time, gain more experience.”
👉🏻”What about financial stability? There are always ups and downs in a start-up!”

These are only pointers regarding entrepreneurship. Imagine listening to similar statements for all phases of our lives.

These judgements come from your friends, your relatives, your family, your colleagues, your seniors, everyone. These people mainly constitute the “Society.”

You should have the confidence in your decisions, then you wouldn’t give it a second thought, especially not from others.

You need that confidence, that even if it doesn’t work out, even if your plan fails, you won’t have any regrets since it was your own decision, and you will stand up and do it all over again.

You can only move forward when you can SHUT THE NOISE.


Creating Original Content?

Are you creating original content for your brand?

Often, when it comes to posting content, either for your personal brand or corporate brand, you might use pictures or captions from the internet, just so there are posts on the page!

The real content comes from authentically posting about the in and out of the brand, telling a story, and not just any storyline, but yours.

That’s how your audience connects to your brand!

Original content is the Key! #ZazzTips


The Hiccup

My goal, for a while, has been to improve myself and habitualize the necessary additions in life, so they don’t feel like a hassle anymore!

At the start of this entire process, everything kicked off to a good start,
– waking up by 5.30
– daily exercise
– clean eating
– reading books daily
These were some of the necessary additions which had an excellent start and had its ups and downs after a period of time!

Each of them have their days and then there are the off days, where I feel awful about not having accomplished those days, when it comes to these pointers.
Now, I have realised how social media can play a role in motivating me and pushing me forward and hopefully help others too!

I’ve now come up with daily challenges with regards to those above pointers, anyone up for them, do participate, hopefully it helps y’all too as much as it helps me!


Who are the Joneses and why you should avoid them?

Who are the Joneses?
“Keeping up with the Joneses is an idiom in many parts of the English-speaking world referring to the comparison to one’s neighbour as a benchmark for social class or the accumulation of material goods. To fail to “Keep up with the Joneses” is perceived as demonstrating socio-economic or cultural inferiority.” #Wikipedia
Consciously or sub-consciously, all of us are trying to keep up with the “Joneses”. Now is the time we realise the mistakes we’ve been making! It shouldn’t matter to you what the others are doing if you are satisfied with your everyday life! We fall for worldly possessions because we see someone else accomplish something and now we want the same.

Someone else means your friends, your colleagues, and even those you follow on social media. The current trend is tied in with posting every expensive stuff you buy or do on social media. Now more than ever, it’s about telling others what you are doing rather than for your self-interest!

Ask yourself three questions the next time you do anything,
1. Am I buying this product/service because of self-interest?
2. Is this bringing value to me?
3. Do you care about other’s opinions?

Achieve stuff for yourself and not for others! Think about it and STOP NOW! The only loss is yours and not anyone else’s.


All you need is a little push!

All you need is a little push, towards the right path.

Everyone needs a little push now and then, be it for motivational or mindset or decisive purposes. You have a choice of reading books/ case studies, listening to podcasts, watching self-help videos/ interviews; the options are endless.

Choose the right path for yourself, because a little push can guide you towards the direction you were looking for all along!

Connect with us on Instagram @zazzpreneursa platform for the do-ers and let’s make the community stronger!


You Matter.

Yes, you do. You’re here for a reason. You may not know it yet, but the journey has just started! You have time to figure everything out. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Frustrating Days at Work?

Everyone has stressful and frustrating days at work, although, there’s a catch!

When you’re passionate about your work, then those days don’t worry you as much, and at the same time, you know it will improve from there on!

The opportunities are endless today; anyone can pursue their interests in any manner they want!

It’s about self-education and self-learning, understanding from your own mistakes!


Client’s Way or the Correct Way?

Time and again, every agency or every freelancer has come across a project where the client has taken over their project mid-way and made changes of their own!
This, of course, is in no way wrong! But there are times when that one change could damage the entire campaign or ruin the creative… And at that very moment, you have to take the call – The Client’s Way or the Correct Way?
What we mean by the ‘Correct Way’ is this, guide the client and help them understand the pros and cons of their decision, and at the same time, make them understand why your point is valid too. Because, this is why you were hired in the first place, to do the best work which would help grow their brand.


If you aren’t using social media, you’re not in the game!

People avoid creating websites and significantly more who have yet to establish their brand’s profile on the available social media platforms.

Nowadays, with almost everyone having a smartphone, the tendency of people paying attention to a billboard or a brochure/ pamphlet has gone way down! The way to attract people to your brand/ product/ service is through the digital options out there.

It’s an era of the smartphone! If your brand isn’t digital, then you won’t stay relevant soon.

Every brand needs to stay active on social media, provide content on an everyday basis and connect with their audience as much as possible. On a macro level, this will work out perfectly for your brand. Here’s why?

  • You would have an online fan-following, who will also be your future customers. 
  • They will in-turn share the valuable content with their network, thus reaching out to more people for you. 
  • This would also increase the company’s revenue on a macro level, just by investing a percentage of that revenue on the marketing budget.

Forget the ‘ask’ initially and try focusing on building your audience first. Just focus on providing value!

If you aren’t using social media to your advantage, simply put, you’re losing out. It applies to your personal brand as well as your corporate brand. It is quite surprising to see that some brands are still hesitant to be on social media, even in this day and age.

After a few years, the next big thing would take over, and the era of social media might decline! Who would want to take that risk? Now is the ideal time, to jump in, and make its best use, as much as possible.

Go digital or go irrelevant!


When do you need Inspiration?

Inspiration is not something you force upon someone; one attracts it when they need it. Meaning, only when you keep an open mindset, will you accept it and allow it to change your life.

When do you need Inspiration?
A. When you have a stagnant routine
・Without any value addition to your life.
・When you’re miserable with your everyday life.

This is the point when you look for inspiration. You desire a change in your life. You aspire to do what you love. When that happens, you’ll be content every minute of every day and not think regarding anything else.

B. When you want to grow/ expand your mindset
・When you’re performing fabulous, but you can do better. You’d like to improve.
・When you’re stuck in a specific point of your life.

This is the moment when you realise that you want a diversion in your thought process which will help you reach your destination. You want to improve in a better version of yourself.

C. When you want to learn
・You’ve limited knowledge. No matter how much you study and learn and experience, you still crave it more.
・You wish to discover more about your industry or other sectors of your interest.

This is the thought process when you’d like to learn more. You follow certain people, and you start listening to them. An endless process, one, out of which you’ll come out as a better person.


Importance of Social Media for your Brand

In today’s day and age, social media is the most important tool to focus on for your personal and corporate brand.

With exceptions to some, every brand needs to stay active on social media, provide content on an everyday basis and connect with their audience as much as possible. On a macro level, this will work out perfectly for your brand. Here’s why?

  1. You would have an online fan-following, who will also be your future customers.
  2. They will in-turn share the valuable content with their network, thus reaching out to more people for you.
  3. This would also increase the company’s revenue on a macro level, just by investing a percentage of that revenue on the marketing budget.


Forget the ‘ask’ initially and try focusing on building your audience first. Just focus on providing value!

Good Content always wins the long-term game of social media. You need to stay patient and be active on social media. You need to hire a good agency capable of performing this process professionally.


Are you in your Comfort Zone?

All good things take place outside our comfort zone.

If you want to transform/ improve your life,
If you have a macro goal to achieve and you can’t progress,
If you’re troubled by the daily circumstances of your life,
The answer is, ‘To get yourself out of this comfort zone‘.
You’ve created this stable world for yourself, where everything is going the same way, with no growth and no improvement.

To grow, or rather, improve as a better version of yourself, you need to escape that safe place. The grass is greener on the other side!

Every day, every month and every year, the smallest amount of value that you can provide to yourself, helps in upgrading to a better version of yourself.



Inspiration is not something you force upon someone; one attracts it when they need it. Meaning, only when you keep an open mindset, will you accept it and allow it to change your life.

When do you need Inspiration? How do you find the perfect inspiration? Coming up in the future blog posts.


・D E P T H・

Don’t think much. Just do what makes you happy.

If you’re confident of your decisions, then even if you fail, you would have no regrets.


Frustrating VS Passionate Work

Everyone has stressful and frustrating days at work, although, there’s a catch!

When you’re passionate about your work, then those days don’t worry you as much, and at the same time, you know it will improve from there on!

The opportunities are endless today; anyone can pursue their interests in any manner they want!

It’s about self-education and self-learning, understanding from your own mistakes!


Kindness towards Everyone

“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.” – Roy T. Bennett

“When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world.” – Harold Kushner

  • With no judgement towards others in your mind,
  • With an intent to provide value,
  • With a kind feeling towards everyone,

Your perspective changes!

You see your general surroundings in a better manner! In these situations, you have no other expectations, but to provide value!

That feeling is indescribable! Start showing kindness towards others by thoughts or deed! If you believe in ‘karma‘, then you should also think that the universe will repay you somehow, sooner or later! ❤️


Do you have an idea?

Believe it or not, ideas are easy; what matters is the following,

  • What is your USP?
  • Is the plan sustainable?
  • Are you thinking from the long-term perspective or just turning a quick buck around?
  • What are your intentions?

Knowing these answers will help you reverse-engineer your idea’s potential and whether you should proceed with it.

All you need to do is, mix it with passion and execution, and you’re all set.



In this social media era, where it’s about the “image“, people have these perceptions, looking at other accounts that how perfect or rather, glamorous the other people’s lives are.

We assume that they don’t have problems in their lives.

Everyone has problems. Micro issues, macro dilemmas, they all exist.

One cannot have the context of another person’s life, how they live, what makes them happy, and yet, everyone compares their journey with others.

This is the reasons behind the constant statement, ‘Focus on Yourself‘ because everything can seem shiny when we see only one side of the coin.


Travel is the Best Medicine.

Would you

  • like to take a break from your everyday life, or want to figure out the answers in your life?
  • Would you like to move away from the chaos, or like some adventure in your life?
  • Would you like to explore new opportunities or seek out new ideas in your life?

Travel is the best investment in your life that makes you more productive. More productive in your life, your mindset, your thoughts, it makes everything clearer.

Often, people say – “This place is too expensive” or “This is a huge investment”. Travel need not be international; it can be anything – a one day trip/ a weekend getaway or a whole week off – whatever suits you. Travelling somewhere is more important.

Breakfast: Yay or Nay?

I think it’s essential to start the day with a proper breakfast.

Before I answer the ‘Why?’, all of those ‘breakfast-skippers‘ should make a resolution, to start the day only when you’ve had breakfast – and then begin with the rest of your daily activities.

It takes a sheer determination to initiate this habit, and if you’re not, then it’s just the excuses you’re making to avoid it.

Here’s the ‘Why’

  • It provides the fuel in your body – which in turn improves your concentration and productivity for the day.
  • Eating a nutritious breakfast keeps you in check – physically and mentally.
  • It sets the right appetite for the day, when you’ve eaten the proper meals, then you don’t tend to rely on junk food since you’ll feel the hunger at the appropriate times only.
  • Keeping your body hungry until lunch also changes your moods and behaviour – makes you short-tempered at times.
  • If you’re skipping breakfast to lose weight, then this concerns you – “You are trying to lose weight since months, but the weighing scale hasn’t budged even one mark backwards. Why? It’s because your body metabolism is going down instead of increasing. Staying hungry doesn’t make you lose. Eating healthy makes it possible.”

All stats aside, breakfasts are the best, aesthetically delectable. How can one miss the joy of parathas, sandwiches, omelettes, pancakes, waffles, milkshakes? It’s the best of the best.

Without a doubt, once you set your mind and form the habit, then you will never say the line – “I didn’t have time for breakfast.” It’s an excuse – which will surely have a long-term impact, if not short-term. Think about 10/20/30 years down the line, and make that decision right now.


Are we living for the Future?

We continuously focus on how our future will look like, and our efforts toll up for our post-retirement.

However, what about today? The present. We have one life, and we have no idea how tomorrow is going to be! So why not utilize the time we have to chase our dreams and pursue our passion or exploring life or discovering and learning new skills and interests. Living a better version of our life should be our focus.

“Don’t Live the Same Year 75 times and call it a Life.” – Robin Sharma


Design is the Key!

Your product/service is the official ambassador of your brand, and your design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

Right from the logo to the colours to your fonts, all of it constitutes your brand design, which needs to resonate with the brand message. Every time your audience notices either of your online or offline marketing material, the brand design helps them connect to your brand. This brand recognition, in turn, will play a role in his/ her decision to become your customer or not.

A poorly-created brand design might result in a lower brand recall and overall, an inadequate response from the audience towards the entire campaign. Play it right, and you’ll win people’s hearts!


Marketing – A New Chapter

I am introducing a new chapter to this blog, my bread and butter, i.e. my insights on Marketing (Branding and Designing, too) and more importantly, Social Media Marketing.

Through my content, I will be sharing pointers on
– The Basics and the How-Tos
– Why is it important?
– What role does it play for an individual or a company?
And, much more.

Stay tuned!


Discipline = Freedom

“The distance between your dreams and reality is called discipline.”

  • Living a life with routine makes everything more comfortable, with less worrying about the minute of things.
  • With ample amount of time, to focus on bigger and better things, you can – work on your dreams/ goals; work on your side hustle; work on that startup; spend time with your family; anything on your mind.
  • It creates a system around you that increases your focus and efficiency towards whatever you do.

Read more


Focus on your Strengths!

Instead of focusing on
– what others are doing, or
– what the hot trends are, or
– what your weaknesses are,

Focus on your Strengths.

They will help you win the game. Usually, our strengths are something we love, so why not achieve something that plays on it. We’d be good at what we do, and be happy doing so!

Create a SWOT chart which states your strengths and weaknesses and the chances and risks you see for yourself.

Based on that, it’ll give you a clearer idea of your life and help you guide yourself towards a better future.


Travel: An Inspiration or just Leisure?

For most people, travel is enjoying life; taking a break from their usual routine and mostly, for leisure. All of this is true!
However, redefining its purpose can magnificently change your mindset over life. Let me explain!

“There is no man who is more complete than the one who travels a lot. He changed twenty times the way he thinks and his outlook on life.”

One, travel gives you exposure. Do you want to limit yourself to the attractions out there or explore the culture and food and the people of that place and extend the horizons of your mindset? That learning improves your mindset and tells you more about their thought processes, their way of living; how you can implement such points in your own life.

Secondly, apart from the exposure and the learning, there’s also the time and money management aspects too! Sounds intense, correct?
On every trip of yours, you plan out the entire day. However, have you wondered, how many people implement those same skills in their daily lives? Same logic applies to the money management aspect as well.

Apart from the points mentioned above, being outside your comfort zone is the most significant advantage of your journey. Doing stuff spontaneously that you wouldn’t explore back home when you’re just focusing on your work.

Wherever you go, proceed with all your heart! 💙


Self Worth > Net Worth

“There is no value in life except what you choose to place upon it and no happiness in any place except what you bring to it yourself.” – Henry David Thoreau

Most of us define our self-worth with our net-worth and base our life’s decisions on that factor, which, indeed is 100% wrong.

In the end, what matters is how you value yourself – not how others judge you.

  • Being self-aware – what you bring to the table – not how much – that makes the difference.
  • Learn on your strengths and weaknesses – work on them.
  • Constantly, keep improving, so you develop as a better version of yourself – not for others – but YOU.

When you look back, you won’t remember having this bank balance or spending X amount of money on mundane stuff – what you will cherish is, showing gratitude towards yourself and others; working and improving towards a better you; earning respect because of your value.


Achieving your Dreams?

There are two kinds of people,
1. One who keep sleeping so they can dream more and,
2. One who wake up and follow their dreams.

Every dream is achievable as long as it’s practical and you work towards it!

Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it!