Your body is not Automatic

Your body is not Automatic

Most people live their life, in a way, as if there are no consequences.

Eat what they want, when they want, drink what they want, when they want, have an abnormal routine, have no respect for sleep, or no patience to relax.

The most usual understanding is that the body will take care of it.

Or rather, if I don’t feel anything unusual, then why should I do to change anything.

And the same people then wonder how and why do mild illnesses occur from time to time, why do they feel bloated, or why do they feel depressed? Why are certain diseases occurring later on in their lifetime?

Well, for one, it’s all connected. Everything that you do has an influence on your bodily functions.

Every wrong step you take, that doesn’t benefit the mind and body, they have to internally deal with it, without you feeling anything externally, in the present.

Your body is not a automatic machine that will keep the good and get rid of the bad, but becomes a result of your actions.

Everything that you do now, has a result on your body, either now or in the near future or in the long-term, but the result is assured. Whether good or not, depends on how you treat your body.


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