Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

With social media, with virality, and such factors that bring fame to people, often people wear a cloak to hide who they really are and put up a mask when in public.

To be honest, the mask doesn’t apply to just the public image, but it’s put on within friends and colleagues as well.

Then the question arises, who you really are?

And the answer to that question lies behind closed doors. When no one is watching you. When you can be honest with yourself. When you can remove that mask and show your true face to yourself. That is the real you.

Behind closed doors, you understand your authentic self and everything about you, with a choice to show this self to the outside world as well, because that’s when you are at your strongest too.

Is it your brand or is it You?

Is it your brand or is it You?

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People will support causes

They become part of trends, or rather participate in them

But are they really that person,

Or are they simply boosting their brand persona?

It may sound horrible, it may sound simple, but we cannot deny that, can we?

It’s the harsh truth that needs to be questioned.

This statement doesn’t just apply to any of the popular / influential people, but for everyone who will wait for something to happen and will then talk about it, share about it on social media and then be invisible for the next 364 days.

The question that then arises is, are you really that person in real life too, who supports these causes or cares about them, from the bottom of your heart?

Or is it just for your brand?

This is not to pass judgment of any sort, but for you to question yourself on this topic – you know your answer.


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