Making Marketing complicated

Making Marketing complicated

Why do we complicate marketing?

Why do we have to complicate the process of connecting the brands and the individuals with other individuals?

Why do we have to complicate the process of building a relationship?

Even though the process generates results, even though its been going on since years and years now, as a marketer, seeing how the consumers are manipulated into the brand’s funnels shocks me.

By offering free e-books/ courses, hugely discounted material just for a day, and such similar marketing gimmicks, is being used to manipulate people into their funnels makes me think how low can someone get just to get their numbers high.

With the kind of social media and digital access that is currently available, it’s also the permission economy where you need the permission of the consumer to sell them anything.

The permission to make them your community member.

The permission to make them your newsletter subscriber.

Marketing gimmicks work, they generate results, they generate the numbers and thus it is continued for such a long time.

However, until when does it work with every individual consumer?

Consumers are smarter than before, they might enter the first or the second step of the funnel, but are they reaching the end nowadays?

That’s the question that should be asked.

Marketing has become so complicated that something as simple as, “Would you like to buy this?” isn’t even seen anymore.

Asking whether you’d be interested in a newsletter isn’t even asked anymore. You somehow always get that mail one day, because you were a part of the funnel sometime back.

There’s no permission anymore, especially at a time when it should be asked.

Marketing has become complicated, and as a community, we have made it so.

But, it’s also our responsibility to transfer the power back to the consumers, let them be the judge of it, let them have their permission back.


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