Better or Worse than we are?

Better or Worse than we are?

We never seem to understand who we are. Our perceptions about ourselves are always on the either side of the scale, either we think we are better off than we really are, or we think we are worse than we really are.

That thinking stems from a ton of things, but that sort of thinking cannot be ignored which also counts a lack of self awareness.

Without self awareness, we are never really able to understand us. Subtract all the outer layers, and then understanding what’s left, because that’s the real us.

Better or Worse than we really are? That thinking will unfortunately never make us understand who we really are, and who do we want to be.

On the bright side, everyone does it, on the other side, we really need to stop doing it.

We are an amalgamation of

We are an amalgamation of

Who we are.

Who we become.

What we think.

Where does it all come from?

Certainly not from a bunch of books taught to us during school or college.

We are an amalgamation of every person we meet in our lifetime, every experience we have, every activity we are a part of, our conversations, what we read, what we observe around us.

It all affects us.

We are a sum total of all that.