The underrated Social Media Platforms in India

The underrated Social Media Platforms in India

India has over 680 million active internet users.

This is what we call the Jio impact where the users skyrocketed within a few years and we are now the nation with the 2nd highest number of internet users in the world.

With more people online, we have more users distributed amongst the various social media platforms that are available in the country.

When it comes to marketing your brand or creating content, the primary focus is often on the mainstream social media platforms – which isn’t wrong but what would be wrong is to neglect the other underrated platforms which have a plethora of users which we then ignore on a generic basis.

However, before we move our focus towards those underrated platforms, let’s have a look at the numbers of the mainstream platforms, shall we? To have a comparative look at the numbers.

Facebook tops the social media platforms chart at 290 million users in India. It had the highest traffic at around 86 percent among social media platforms across India in April 2020.

Other platforms that are close to that number are Google-owned YouTube at 265m users and Facebook-owned WhatsApp at more than 250m active users.

Facebook-owned Instagram is doing 100m MAUs, with LinkedIn at 68m MAUs and Twitter at 17m users.

These are great numbers for anyone who wants to market their brand and grow their audience. However, when we look at the numbers of the other platforms, we just cannot ignore them.

Also, we call them underrated, only because they aren’t spoken enough in the media space.

  • Reddit, a social discussion platform has more than half a million users at the least.
  • Pinterest, an image sharing and discovery platform – exact numbers for India weren’t available, but considering they have a 335m user base and India has a 5% share of that, we can roughly estimate their Indian user base at 16m users.
  • Snapchat, a multimedia messaging app, has a user base of 28.2m users.
  • Quora, overall has 400m monthly active users, out of which India accounts for more than 60m users.
  • Sharechat, a regional language social media platform has a user base of more than 60m users.
  • Trell, a lifestyle community commerce platform has over 30 million downloads and 9 million monthly active users on its app.

Having spoken of all the mainstream and the underrated social media platforms, we obviously cannot ignore the current trend, i.e. the short video platforms.

TikTok, before its ban in India had 119m MAUs in the country. Post its ban, there was a rush to capture its user base and we then saw a bunch of platforms coming up, with a similar format and set of features as TikTok.

  • Chingari, which is witnessing nearly 1 lakh downloads and over 2 million views per hour, has more than 3m DAUs (daily active users) and a 25m user base in India.
  • Roposo, another leading homegrown short-video making app has more than 65 million downloads in the country.
  • MX Taka Tak has a user base of 45m MAUs and its crossing 1bn+ views per day.
  • Sharechat has come up with a platform in this sector too, Moj which is currently doing 80m monthly active users in India.
  • Another homegrown app is Josh (by Daily Hunt) with 23m DAUs.
  • Amongst all of these homegrown platforms, we have a global TikTok competitor, Triller with an estimated user base of 40m MAUs in India.

Conclusively, when you have platforms doing these kind of numbers on such a scale, you simply cannot ignore them. When building a brand, you focus on the mainstream ones, which are the talk of the town, but you also focus on the other underrated platforms, which have the audience you’re targeting and connect with the people there too.


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