Doing it all in a rush vs Scheduling it in Slots

Doing it all in a rush vs Scheduling it in Slots

Everyday there’s a ton of things to do for every individual. Some things get done, some get postponed, and some never even make it to the list in the first place.

Now, not everyone’s good at time management. When the time comes to actually do any of those tasks, either of the two things may happen… Either you are able to manage your day properly and schedule your tasks accordingly or you go ticking every item off that list one after the other, just to complete every task and there’s a larger possibility of many of those items going unchecked.

What happens in the latter scenario is that you’re doing it all in a rush. In a rush where neither your time is managed nor your energy. Some things may take more time, some less, some require more energy or more attention, some less, but in either of the scenarios you’re rushing towards every task, without being present, without being available for yourself, and in no time will you realize that the day is over and you now have to hover through the next day’s tasks now.

But, there’s another option. One where you manage your time and you manage your energy. Here, you’re more present, and more available too. The approach here is to schedule your day in slots… And then allot your to-do things or your tasks in those slots. Every slot has a time range, when that time is approaching you now focus on that slot, and the set of things alloted in that slot and that alone.

For example, a self care slot, where you can focus on your reading, or meditating, or workout etc.

Another example could be, of a smaller slot, one which is only assigned to read your mails, and none of your other minutes are assigned for this task then.

Now you aren’t rushing nor are you disorganized. Everything is managed properly, everything is in order, and now you know what’s to be done when and for how long, without seeming like things are going out of order.

In a scenario where you’re doing it all in a rush vs scheduling everything in slots, which one do you think makes more sense now? Which one makes you more organized, more present, more in control of your time and your life?