When more things are going wrong than right

When more things are going wrong than right

You are making a list right now. A list about your life. A list that says everything that’s going right in your life right now. And besides it, everything that’s going wrong in your life.

But, all of a sudden, whilst noting down these pointers, you realise that more things are going wrong in your life than right. You are suddenly horrified at that feeling.

A sudden thought comes, ‘Why is everything so wrong about my life?’

Now, there could be two possible scenarios ahead.

Looking at this list, you could spiral down a pit hole just wondering how did everything go so wrong in every phase of your life, every tiny element against you and just worry about the what ifs and what nots.

Or, you could take a breather. Notice what right and wrong looks for you. Imagine how different life would be if all of those things had gone right for you… Do you like that life? Would you be where you are, with your learnings and experience, if everything that has happened with you, didn’t happen? How many of these situations are in your control, and moreover what can you do about it? If you aren’t doing anything about it, then well, can you complain?

When things start going wrong, and even the tiniest of things start going wrong and it starts piling up, a ton of thoughts and emotions rush through your mind. And you certainly don’t like them. But that path leads to a dark path which you certainly won’t like, because it’s just darkness, negative thoughts, negative emotions and what not. That starts affecting everything, starting from your mind and body to everything that you think and do, and how you interact and more importantly, what you think about life.

Because at that moment, what you think about life will also determine everything that happens to you in the now and in the future, irrespective of whatever happened in the past.