Half the things said, don’t need to be

Half the things said, don’t need to be

An individual averagely speaks 125 to 250 words per minute. Now imagine, if this individual speaks on for hours and hours in a day…

Our brain is similar to a programming machine, everything that is seen through our eyes, heard through our ears, said through our mouth, touched through our hands and legs, everything is recorded. To that, a certain emotion is then attached and accordingly the voice in your head is formed too.

So, what you then speak whether about yourself or someone else or anything else eventually becomes a part of you.

Now… Imagine if everything that you say in a day is recorded externally and is then read back to you. Would you be proud of everything that has come out of your mouth?

Do half the things that you uttered needed to be said to yourself, or to someone else at all?

How many times did your emotions take over and you said something that you shouldn’t have?

Moreover, what is the impact of everything that you’re talking about? What does it even mean? Does it have any meaning? Or are you then speaking just for the sake of it?

Eventually, when you keenly observe, when you analyze, when you understand, you realize that half the things said, don’t need to be.

The Words you speak

The Words you speak

Every word that you speak has an impact on yourself.

On your mind, body and soul.

Whether those words are spoken to yourself or to someone else.

Whether those words are in thought about yourself or someone else.

Whether those words are positive or negative.

Every word that you speak has an impact on you.

When you speak ill of someone, your mind is registering the same words for yourself too.

When you speak good of someone, your mind is registering that as well.

Every word, the mind thinks is for itself.

It will use it for its own advantage and disadvantage.

The more negative you speak, the more negative the mind becomes.

That has an effect on your thoughts, your emotions, your actions.

How you are with yourself, how you are around everyone else.

Every word has an impact on everything about you.

Whether you realize it or not.

Being careful of what you speak, how you speak helps you in becoming a better person.

Helps you in either growing or limiting your growth.

That depends on what you speak.

Whether to yourself or towards others.


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