When you find the content interesting…

When you find the content interesting…

Right now, the internet is at such a stage, where all forms of content – text, audio, video, and in all durations of content, everything’s booming right now.

When it comes to a platform like TikTok or Instagram Reels or a local one of the same sorts, people feel that 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds videos are on the rise and it is all that everyone’s creating.

When it comes to YouTube, people are creating 30 minute-long and hour-long videos which people are watching.

When it comes to blogs or newsletters, people are writing 10,000-word articles and essays, which again people are reading. Just when some think that’s working in the text category, you look at Twitter and you notice people writing these one-liner summarized tweets, or Twitter threads, and you then wonder if that’s what’s working right now.

Whether it is content of 15 seconds, or 45 mins, or 3 hours, you’d find views and engagement on everything.

What works then? What are people consuming? And, what should you create then?

After all the data studies, all the observations, and all the behavioral analytics, it all comes down to this… When you find the content interesting, you’ll consume it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of reading, listening to podcasts, watching Instagram Reels, or long YouTube videos, at the end of it all, when you’re interested in the topic and when you find the content interesting, then you’d consume it.

This is the best time to create Content!

This is the best time to create Content!

Creating content, no matter the quantity, applies to every brand and individual when it comes to connecting with their audience and building their brand base online.

Its an ongoing battle to create content constantly which connects and aligns with the brand, keeping the different social media platforms in mind.

During this time of self-isolation, as you nust have already noticed, there has been an uprise of content everywhere.

However, there are a lot of people who are a bit skeptical as to whether they should create or not and what should they create.

Let me tell you this – this is the best time to create content on the social media platforms and let me also explain why.

Everytime when it comes to creating content, in terms of the corporate brand or the personal brand, the creator will think a few times whether its up to the mark or not, and whether it can be improved.

What I am about to say, applies especially to new creators, but also to everyone else as well.

With mostly everyone being isolated at their homes, and everyone being on their smartphones, on various social media platforms consuming content and thinking how should they spend their time wisely – they also know this – the one who is creating the content is also at home.

Now is that one time when you can focus only on your content, without focusing on the production, without focusing on the background, the lighting (not that you can shoot in darkness now, but you know what I mean), you can now compromise on the equipment (whether you have it or not) and just focus on the value to be provided to the audience.

Isn’t that crazy to think about?

Sure, the other things matter too, but not more than the content which is the essential element behind that video (I’m talking video here – because it is the most consumed type of content form right now).

This is the best form of a confidence booster for the creator, who doubts their content and who doubts whether what they created is postable or not.

Thus, why I say that this is the best time to create content.

Well, if you agree with this and/or if this has given you the confidence, go for it – start creating some content.

Difficulty in creating content?

Difficulty in creating content?

One of the great strengths of building a personal brand or even with posting consistent valuable content comes from passion!

Does what you do or what you talk about make you happy? Do you feel you could do it all day long – do you feel you could immerse yourself into the process? That’s what it takes to create content, that’s what it takes to build a brand, that’s what it takes to build a community.

When you aren’t posting authentically or creating a fake persona, you’ll probably struggle after a while – and it’ll have a complete opposite effect of what we discussed above.

Now you have two choices – either be yourself, share what you love, and build authentically or show yourself as someone you’re not, struggle with creating content, and act being happy.

Your choice – the better suggestion would be, do more of what makes you happy.


Figure out your Marketing problems!

Figure out your Marketing problems!

• Tips on how to Zazz your Brand #26 – Figure it out •

What type of content should I create?
What platforms should I focus on?
How should I build my community?

Questions like these and more revolve around anyone’s mind who’s trying to build their brand on social media.

Sure, there are a number of courses and e-books being distributed by people.

However, do you know what the best solution is?

Figure it out.

Google something you don’t know, Experiment and Figure it out.

It’s the best case scenario where you get to learn something from your own mistakes and you are more satisfied that it was your own efforts that got you to where you want to be.