What to learn from Soorarai Pottru?

What to learn from Soorarai Pottru?

How can you describe this Tamil fim, Soorarai Pottru? Inspiring! Uplifting! A brilliant watch and one of my top films of 2020!

What is this film about? The official synopsis reads, ‘Maara, a young man from a remote village, dreams of launching his own airline service. However, he must overcome several obstacles and challenges in order to be successful in his quest.’

This film was such a beautiful watch and Suriya is just extraordinary in this one. That inspiring storyline is one which entrepreneurs and business owners would love, and also learn from.

A. A common man’s dream

What does it take for a common man to dream, a dream that seems impossible, a dream that’s beyond anyone’s capabilities?

What does such a journey entail? How much does it take from you? What do you need to sacrifice and how easy or difficult it is? Questions of entrepreneurship we never seem to ask or focus on, other than the idea is something we should learn.

B. Making People Believe

Having an idea, or executing on it, or even entrepreneurship in general isn’t just about the concept or the product or the service.

It’s about making people believe in you, believe in your why. That ‘why’ becomes the reason why people join you in your journey and become a part of your product or service.

That belief, ultimately, decides your entrepreneurial success or failure.

C. The People around You

As much as the idea is important, as much as the execution is important, what’s even more important are the people around you.

That circle of people around your personal and professional life who guide you on this journey, who are on the lookout for you, who push you to do more, and are there for you when you’re down. Those set of people are extremely important in a journey of this kind.

D. Watch Out at every Step

No matter how beautiful the journey seems, no matter how many goals you keep on achieving, one of the most important things is to watch out every step you take.

There are people around you who don’t want you to succeed, who will try to hinder your plans, try to betray you, try to sabotage your journey, and your lookout is watch out for such occurences at every step you take.


In short, what it means to have a dream, to achieve it, the hardships felt, overcoming it, is what this film portrays brilliantly. How important are the people around you, as well as those you have to watch out for at every step, there are quite a few lessons to learn from Soorarai Pottru.

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