Is Failure the end of the World?

Is Failure the end of the World?

How many times has failure rocked your ship and made you lose momentum of you steering that ship?

Quite often, when we fail (at anything), we feel broken, we feel shattered, there’s an end of the world feeling attached to it.

When it hits, it hits rock bottom – thinking there’s no tomorrow.

What we need to rather change is
– our perspective and thought process towards it,
– understand what failure is saying that maybe you didn’t do it the right way, or
– maybe it doesn’t come that easily, you need to try harder, or
– you need to try it another way, or
– maybe you still have time to succeed.

That doesn’t mean you stop trying or you give up. With time and experience, you understand that failure is not the end, but the beginning, it’s a stepping stone filled with learning. You find more ways to do that certain something, to succeed, to move forward, to learn from what happened, to learn the takeaways and apply it to your life and everything that you do.

Failure is not the end of the world!


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