Rocky – What Movies Taught Us #6

Rocky – What Movies Taught Us #6

• What Movies Taught Us #6 – Rocky •Movie In Focus : Rocky
Starring Sylvester Stallone

Most of us have seen Rocky or at least, heard about the movie or the character… So without going into the specifics of the storyline, here are a few things to focus on –

  • You need to have a definite goal in mind.

Only when you have a ‘definite’ goal to focus on, then you know it’s process and the way to accomplish it. Without a set target, the efforts would be in vain!

  • With the goal in mind, and the mindset needed, you need to put in the work daily.

Hard-work, efforts and daily practice, the three factors needed to achieve anything you want.

  • Any and all dreams are achievable

There’s no goal that isn’t achievable and that cannot be set as your target – or so others might say. However, if it’s on your mind, then you should pursue or try pursuing it, no matter what – that’s the beauty of a dream.


Yes Man – What Movies Taught Us #5

Yes Man – What Movies Taught Us #5

• What Movies Taught Us #5 – Yes Man •

Movie In Focus: Yes Man
Starring Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper

The movie revolves around the concept of saying “yes” to everything – whatever comes along the way, you have to say ‘yes’ to it.

What happens if you say ‘yes’? Well, in most of the circumstances, you’d have been in your comfort zone and would have missed out on the opportunities.

Secondly, it opens doors to various other avenues you might have not thought of, with every yes, you will learn something new, you will grow, you will unlock chapters of your life which wouldn’t have been even written in the first place.

The movie conveys saying yes to everything along your way, which won’t be entirely possible, but why not try saying yes to most of the opportunities instead of doubting ourselves whether we would be capable of it or not, or whether it would take time of our day. You never know what path you walk on and what you discover.

If you haven’t given this flick a try, watch it, get inspired and try something new today.


What Movies Taught Us #4 – Lakshya

What Movies Taught Us #4 – Lakshya

• What Movies Taught Us #4 •

Movie In Focus : Lakshya

As the movie tag line says, it took him 24 years and 18000 feet to find himself.

It takes time to figure out what your ‘lakshya’ in life is, and you simply can’t rush out the process.

One, everyone has a different approach, a different process of discovering their path in life, and it requires persistence to go through it.

But when you do find one, you feel the need to walk down that path, feel your love for it, achieve it – that’s passion, and when you have one, you cannot do anything else, simply because you love the process.

Patience and persistence is the key to discovering your life purpose.

//Have you found your lakshya in life?

What Movies Taught Us – #3 Click

What Movies Taught Us – #3 Click

• What Movies Taught Us •
Movie In Focus : Click
Synopsis : A workaholic architect finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. Complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices.

The character played by Adam Sandler, Michael Newman finds a universal remote through which he’s able to skip ahead the unnecessary elements of his life, and jump to the ‘important’ achievements of life.

What he finds in this journey is that, he’s missing all the fun when he skips the entire phase and is not able to soak in the joy of his achievements.

What seemed like the boring phases of life, actually were the enjoyable processes that led to the results one was seeking.

Its the process, not the destination.
QOTD: If you had such a universal remote to control your life, would you use it?

What the film, Warrior taught us!

What the film, Warrior taught us!

Movie In Focus : Warrior

A fight movie with an equal focus on family and relationships. With the number of things to be learnt from this film, the top two have been, the unique relationships between the brothers and the father and his sons.

With everything that they have been through, and how complicated their relationships were, what makes the movie great is how the movie progresses towards them seeking forgiveness and earning it from each other. Quite a beautiful moment from the film.

Another focus goes in the form of the lengths at which both the brothers will go to prepare for their fights. Everyone sees the competitiveness in the ring and how brutal the sport is, however, no one focuses on the training, the determination and the focus that is required for this level of fighting and behind the scenes of what goes on!

This movie teaches us a lot and is a perfect example of empathy towards every fighter and every sportsman, no matter which sport it is.