Access to Information

Access to Information

What is it that you want to learn?

We live at a time when, unlike the previous times or generations, we have an unlimited access to Information.

So much so, that you cannot consume even 0.1% of it in your lifetime.

Now, the question arises again, what is it that you want to learn?

No limited course or degree or experience of life can give you enough knowledge about something, that it stops you from learning more.

Moreover, while these external tools guide you and create a structure so you can learn… It doesn’t necessarily allow the depth or freedom to explore all the areas of a subject.

Now it boils down to, are you willing to put in the time and energy and efforts so you can expand not only your knowledge, but also your perspective, your point of view and learn something new?

With the access of information that you now have, is there another reason why you wouldn’t access it?