The Forgotten Thoughts

The Forgotten Thoughts

Okay, so let’s see. Sometimes you focus on a particular topic and start thinking about it. Sometimes your thoughts vary according to your environment or situation at hand. Sometimes random thoughts come to you. In all, we are ranging more than sixty thousand thoughts on a daily average.

At this pace, it’s next to impossible to remember what exactly were you thinking about, probably five minutes ago. There are times when a sudden disturbance disrupts your chain of thoughts and now you’re suddenly sitting clueless. Different scenarios, different situations, but the bottom line is there are so many forgotten thoughts we can’t even recollect.

Out of all these forgotten thoughts, there would be so many that would actually be worth remembering, some thoughts you actually wanted to pursue deeper, but now you’ve forgotten them. A bunch of times, you aren’t able to remember why you entered a room in the first place, you may have forgotten what you wanted to convey to someone. All of those come under the umbrella of forgotten thoughts.

Now there is no one formula to remember all your thoughts, neither is there any individual who can remember them all. But, said that there is a pattern emerging behind the increase in these forgotten thoughts, especially in this current, modern, digital era.

When you observe these patterns, you notice how an individual is constantly trying to run after the next task, one after the other, there’s no space to breathe in the middle. This isn’t just the physical effort, but from the mental effort point of view as well. We are so preoccupied to do the next thing, that we aren’t giving us any space to think or rather to remember what we were thinking about.

And even when we do find the time, those gaps are pre-filled with us on our smartphones, hooked on to the screens, scrolling through one of the social platforms… consuming content at a pace you can’t remember what you scrolled through.

We are creating a habit of running around, and a habit of constant data consumption and emotional manipulation, that is leading to many more thoughts than before, at a faster rate than before, and now you’re forgetting more thoughts than before or not knowing that you’ve forgotten them.