Blame Games are a Two-way Street

Blame Games are a Two-way Street

For anything that goes wrong, or rather not according to one’s expectations, they sure are quick to blame someone in that situation.

Such blame games become a way to get rid of any accountability there could be and shifting that entire weight onto someone else.

But, blame games are a two-way street. If you can blame someone else, so can they to you. It’s a cyclical process and one that is never-ending. However, it doesn’t solve anything though.

What got wronged will be the same, irrespective of who gets the blame. Pointing fingers and arguments will not resolve the situation nor can you move forward.

Instead, taking accountability of something puts the entire control of the situation in your hands, you get to learn from your mistakes, you get to resolve the situation quickly, you get to move forward and also seek help from those you would have earlier stuck arguing with.

It almost seems like the advantages of taking accountability weigh much much more than playing blame games and not getting anywhere.