More Questions than Answers

More Questions than Answers

There is an information overload at this point of time in our lives. The amount of information on any specific topic is too much to read or know about, but that’s a good thing too (a topic for another day).

But, whether it’s something about your field or not, is it necessary for an individual to know all the answers already?

When you already know everything, somewhere in the process, you lose that fun and passion that was keeping you on track. But the other question is, can anyone truly know everything about something?

That leads to a curious individual whose deeply interested in a topic and now has more questions than answers.

Only when you are truly interested and there is a want to know more, you want to dig deeper, is when you start asking questions as well.

The more questions you ask, the more you dig. The more you now know, the more questions will start to erupt in your mind.

When a process to learn becomes like that, is when that field becomes interesting to you, and you want to invest more and more time into it. That is also another way to figure out what gets your juices flowing.