What constitutes the inner voice?

What constitutes the inner voice?

The next time your inner voice tells you that you’re not capable of something or something negative comes to your mind, think where does it originate from?

Your inner voice is a collective of
– your experiences
– your learning
– the people around you
– the information you consume
– your opinions of yourself
– the expectations of the society

Once you know this, ask yourself, can you trust your inner voice?

Moreover, it’s not about ignoring your voice.

The thought should be, if you don’t like your voice, what can you do about it?

With practice and self-awareness, you can change this voice if you don’t like it, make a more positive environment in your head, everything is possible if you want something to change.

All of this takes a lot of time, a lot of patience, and there will be a lot of setbacks as well. Every time you fall, you will feel like why are you even doing this?

But the more you stand still, the more you get back again, you will be able to push one step further, you will be able to look back and be glad you practiced with patience, because you will be satisfied with the outcome.


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