A blank page

A blank page

Imagine you’re writing a book, and you feel that you’re stuck somewhere and you don’t know what to write anymore, you don’t know how to proceed.

Will you stop writing that book?

Or will you try another approach to it?

You have a blank page, you have the choice to rewrite something, to change your approach towards writing, to change the entire book itself.

That is the power of a blank page.

It allows you the freedom to do anything and everything you want with that fresh page.

You can ignore everything you wrote, or rewrite the parts you didn’t like.

That’s how life works as well.

Every day is a fresh start, a blank page that allows you to rewrite your life.

That allows you to introduce the changes to make it better.

You can be stuck at a certain place, or change your approach altogether amd start with a blank page.

That choice to continue is something you have to take.


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