Sunday is a Good Day!

Sunday is a Good Day!

Yes, we should cherish every day we get to live and every day is a boon for us to do something we didn’t do the day before.


However, don’t you think Sunday is a good day?

How do I mean?

I’m not saying that, in terms of, waiting for the weekend to arrive and when will the weekdays get over.

Not that.

But, in terms of, Sunday gives you that chance
– to take a step back
– to relax
– to chill
– to take the workload off your mind
– to take a break
– to spend some time alone
– to spend time with your loved ones

Could be anything or more!

Hey, you can even work on a Sunday, what ever makes you feel content and satisfied!

Nonetheless, taking all those above pointers in mind, don’t you think, Sunday is a good day where you get to do all of those things and none of those things, get it?


Weekends > Weekdays? Agree or Not?

Weekends > Weekdays? Agree or Not?

The problem is not enjoying the weekends, all of us have the right to take a break and chill for a while!

Do you know where the problem arises?

When people love Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays more than the rest of the week! When people cringe Mondays and Wednesdays and can’t wait for Fridays to arrive!

And do you know why that happens?

Because you don’t love what you’re doing on those days, and you find more happiness during the weekends when you aren’t doing it.

When you love what you do, and are fortunate enough to do it everyday, then you love all days and irrespective of the ‘weekdays’ and the ‘weekends’, all days are the same and you simply can’t wait for that Monday to arrive and start off again!

Of course, in some situations, depending person to person, I for one, love to work on the weekends too – why waste time on things I do not like where I can probably invest that time on improving myself!

Are you living for the Weekends?

Are you living for the Weekends?

There’s a mindset ingrained in us since childhood, about working Monday to Friday and then enjoying the weekends!

Everyone hates Mondays and calls it the ‘Monday Blues’! Come Wednesday; people start talking about their Friday and Saturday Night plans. Why?
There’s no harm to enjoy the day off but first, live each day to its fullest. Maximise your potential for that particular day, and when the time comes, you cool it off!

Bars and clubs out there have started exploiting this weekend mindset and provide you with mid-week and Friday night offers. Falling into their traps, you spend thousands of hard-earned bucks on just three-four hours worth of satisfaction and luxury, only to do it the next week again. Moreover, what are you achieving out of it?

Think about it from the long-term perspective. Does that activity bring any value addition to your life? People have their own choices, but at the same time, enjoy your other days too instead of wasting them on something you don’t love; only to wait for the weekends and curse Monday yet again.

Do what you love every day, rather than waiting for the Fridays and Saturdays.

Weekends are a boon to us! How about productively executing it to achieve your goals? Work on your personal development, act on those goals we’ve been trying to accomplish, finish your side hustle project! These points only matter when you know your vision!

In the end, it’s your choice! #LiveEachDay