Faceless Voices

Faceless Voices

There are a lot of voices on the internet, some positive, some neutral, and some negative, and most of those negative are faceless.

Very rarely will you see a faceless voice spreading love and positivity or cheering for something good.

These faceless voices are hiding on the internet, using fake names, fake profile pictures, and at most times, blank profile pictures.

They are ready to jump on a trend, pounce upon someone, negate someone’s point of view – simply speaking, spreading negativity and hate on the internet.

Some would argue, that these voices are bot accounts.

Which isn’t wrong.

However, not all of them are bots.

A good percentage of them are real people, with a lot of hurt in their own lives.

They aren’t secure with their lives, their choices, their decisions, they aren’t able to see the good around.

If a particular thing has gone wrong in their lives, it spreads and in this scenario, that spreads as being a faceless voice on the internet.

What they say certainly doesn’t hold true, nor do they realize it’s true for them as well. Those particular opinions are seen through a filtered point of view from their direction.

Once they understand another person’s point of view, or are able to see the good, or if they can better their own lives, this will change as well.

Said that, this is the story of these faceless voices.


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