My Sister’s Birthday – the biggest event of the year!

My Sister’s Birthday – the biggest event of the year!

There are few moments when the destination is better than the journey, and this was that moment, when after days and weeks of time and efforts and constant planning and executing was done to get this big day into motion…


She always ensures that each of our day’s goes top notch, and she deserves the same! We set out with our goal of making her day special, and right from our gifts to our decorations to the cake to how we spent our day, the intent was the same. ( We – Mom was by my side at every step of the planning, with dad at the constant call to help every now and then, this was a proper team effort).

Our theme was one of pink and black, with a ‘Messy Chocolate Mousse Cake’ courtesy #RTHCooks, I added the messy to the name after how the exterior turned out to be a bit messy. But trust me, the reviews of the taste were just fantastic, I honestly didn’t expect that. For anyone who cooks, they just want the recipient to be glad.

Another big moment, now that I have shifted to clean eating (which has turned into a family collaboration as well), and me not heading outside, this was a huge one for me to go out for the first time since March’20 to dine out and remove the mask as well.

Nonetheless, we chose Kabana at Conrad as our spot, one that turned out to be unexpectedly amazing with their ambience as well as their food. Just wow. Special shoutout to their Garlic Naan, their Chilli Schezwan sauce, and their Truffle Edamame Dim-Sums. In all, a fabulous moment of this day. (Thanks for the cake, Conrad)

Let’s come to the gifts now, all unwrapped two hours before the day got over (that’s how fast the time ran out), but we got some amazing reactions from the birthday girl. (Spot out the gifts in the picture, it’d be too long to pin point everything here)

Am I forgetting to mention that hug picture?

Well, my sister’s a hugger and I’m not, so I did the one thing I could – gifted her a Long Distance Hug Pillow so she can hug it whenever she wants to hug me 😂

Alas, Happy Birthday @kudihighonlife. Hope you had a fantabulous day, and it was as much fun for you, as we had and as we had set it out to be. ❤️❤️❤️