Using your Voice wisely!

Using your Voice wisely!

All of us have a voice and many a time, especially with the freedom of writing anything on social media, we feel like putting our opinion out there!

What we should know is this?

Every voice matters and every voice can make a difference.

Each voice is powerful enough to make the amount of noise needed to make change happen and in the midst of that, similar voices join the cause and add support to that singular voice.

That is precisely why it should be used wisely. To add to that statement, your voice should be used when you think there’s substance to it when you think your opinion will add value to that topic, whether pro or against, but it should definitely be something of value.

Quite often, people use it just for the sake of it, or just because everyone’s voicing their opinions on a particular topic on social media. In such situations, one’s usually not aware of the occurrences or at least not 100% aware of it. It’s at such times when these particular opinions just add volume to a topic without having any substance to it, thus increasing the ‘internet pollution’.

The sensible thing to do is to use your voice wisely! That’s the bottom line.


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