How to use an umbrella?

How to use an umbrella?

Well, we all know how to use an umbrella and why do we use it too.

But of course, this is more than that.

I’m thinking if an umbrella can also be used, not just to protect us from the rain drops, but also from people’s unnecessary opinions and judgements.

We can agree that we aren’t strong enough to block them or let them not affect us.

Then why not use an external object to do so?

Those opinions and judgements usually create more problems to our mind and body than what the rains would have done.

In countless ways.

The moment we would notice a judgemental opinion, we would’ve opened that umbrella and let it shield us from that.

Only if there was an umbrella for that though.

Things could’ve been so much easier.

Nonetheless, since there isn’t, well, we have to become stronger and become more aware to do that umbrella work ourselves.

Create that shield to not get affected by those things, so we can live a carefree and a peaceful life.