Controlling the flow of your thoughts

Controlling the flow of your thoughts

Have you been in a scenario where you blank out from what’s happening in front of you and your chain of thoughts is somewhere else, on a third topic altogether?

Let’s think of this… Imagine there’s a conversation going on the table, amongst those around you… And instead of listening in, you’re suddenly thinking of something that happened or something that you had to do, in that scenario you have blanked out and are consciously thinking of something else.

Or let’s say, there’s a table full of food, starters, main course, desserts, but instead of indulging in it, you’re suddenly thinking about this deadline that you had to meet and how you’d do it, etc. and you’ve consciously blanked out from the moment.

This says that irrespective of whatever’s happening, if your focus is elsewhere, and irrespective of the 40,000 to 80,000 thoughts in our head every day (some we control, some we don’t), we are having the ability to carry the flow of our consciousness and our thoughts in a certain direction.

We may not always have that control, and mostly until we learn how to, we don’t.

Even then, when we observe our patterns, it can be noticed how you can jump from one topic to another when you really want to think about something.

That power to control what you think about is with you.

When you don’t like the topic of your thought/s, you can jump around to another topic, with the criteria that it’s something that interests you, and you’re invested in that particular topic… Only then will there be some focus behind it. (or else it can be one of those thousands of thoughts that just float around without you even remembering what that thought was, in the first place).

Your Thoughts are your Enemies

Your Thoughts are your Enemies

Our brains are designed to think, a lot. Where do these thoughts originate from?

Through our sensory organs, every piece of information (not just digitally, but every little thing around us) that we consume gets recorded in our brain.

Then comes learning from association (what do people talk about, what topics are popular, what do people dislike, what gets a conversation going), and learning from self-interest (anything that you get curious about).

Now, because we know the basics of mostly everything, the second part that comes in is how the brain already knows what you’re going to do next or what you’re going to do in specific situations, that originates from every action to every response being a habit and the brain recognizes that.

So when these two overlap, the learning, and the response, therein comes the thoughts. The thoughts around a certain topic, the depth of which depends on one’s curiosity, the quality of which depends on one’s internal and external environment, the quantity depending on their mindfulness.

So, now that we have shed some light on the concept of thoughts, are they our friends or enemies?

Here comes three important pointers that will determine that
– the consumption
– the environment
– the mindfulness

Most of what we willingly consume and not subconsciously is something that is designed to hit certain emotions for an individual. Based on how it hits, that certain information will be grabbed by your brain accordingly.

Because of that, you now consume more than you can imagine… The reason being it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s making you laugh, etc.

What you don’t realize is the logic and the application behind the emotion are also being consumed by you.

Now comes the environment, internal and external. Who have you surrounded yourself with, what information is being discussed with individuals and groups, how do they tackle their emotions, how do they tackle certain problems, what issues do they create in the first place, there are tens, if not hundreds of pointers of our external environment that thus affect our internal environment, until both have been polluted to a point we aren’t aware of.

The third point is a silver lining for some, but full of dark clouds for mostly all… Introducing the concept of mindfulness. For mostly all of our lives, we live by certain concepts and traditions and associations, which we don’t question, thus them becoming the same habits, generation by generation, for most of the people without anyone questioning anything. We aren’t present to what is happening now because of the past, and what will happen in the future because of the present.

When the worlds of consumption, environment and mindfulness collide, is when either your thoughts serve you or they don’t.

When you start dreaming of your
– fantasies,
– alternative what-if scenarios of the past,
– imagined scenarios of the future,
– a scenario being run from your perspective when you fail to see what’s actually happening,
– starting to feel that everything is wrong only with you, or
– starting to feel that everything wrong only happens to you,

Are some of the classic scenarios when your thoughts are your enemies, feeding you something that keeps you in a shell protected, away from reality and you not being in control.

In such a situation, you aren’t able to grasp the true reality, nor are you able to change things around… Unless you are out of the ‘matrix’.

Unless you decide that I’m going to be in control, I’m going to be mindful, I’m going to choose my thoughts, I’m going to start living life as I choose it to be.

All of this is a lot easier said than done, it takes ages to become self-aware of who you are and understanding the situation that you’re in, it takes time and a lot of patience to first deal with yourself, and later on, start with the process of change, to make your thoughts your friends again… And eventually make your life better.