Figuring out yourself is the biggest decision one has to make

Figuring out yourself is the biggest decision one has to make

The world is developing at a rate where at every step of the way, there’s chaos.

Chaos about all the necessary things in life, chaos about all the “luxurious” things in life, there’s chaos everywhere.

Fill in the societal pressure of doing a certain something by a certain age.

Now, for most people, with the chaos and the pressure, they start following a certain route, doing everything that falls along their way, without questioning too many things… And basically following all the norms.

But does that mean they have figured themselves out!?

In most cases, unfortunately that’s not the answer. Following a route and knowing yourself what you truly want are two different things.

Figuring yourself out is a task in itself. Some wait their entire lives to do so, some don’t at all. Some very quickly, and with some it happens at their own timeline.

But, a question of this stature falls down to a bigger question, What do you align yourself with?

Forget all associations, forget everything that society has taught, forget all institutions and forget everything that was externally built… Now ask yourself, what do you align yourself with?

Sitting down with a pen and paper and asking that question to yourself will help you jot down everything that comes to your mind, of course sitting stress-free and schedule-free.

What do you align with – values, character traits, interests, hobbies, tastes, type of people, wants, needs, etc.

This isn’t something that is obtained in a single sitting, but one that definitely get you started. You have your whole life to figure out yourself, and everyday you might discover something new, but that intention to start figuring out yourself is the biggest decision that one has to make.

Are you really that person?

Are you really that person?

Every individual on the internet with a social media account has a persona that they put out there. Now, for some that’s their authentic persona, but for most that’s a modified image of them, or just one of the images for social media.

Now, why blame just social media, right? Whether it is in regards to your colleagues, or your friends, or your loved ones, most people have a different persona for each situation.

Each of these particular personas include a set of values, character traits and habits that represent the essence of that persona.

Now, bring in self-awareness, understand who you truly are, what your values are, what your character traits are, what is your purpose, what is it that you’re putting out…

Once that is settled, compare that with your other personas, and ask yourself… Are you really that person?

Because, if not, then how long can you act it out. Plus, what’s the reason for not portraying that authenticity? What are you trying to hide? With that also comes a bunch of other questions, which you can easily figure out once you’re in that spot.

But, moreover, the main essence of this question is to realize who you truly are, and so you don’t confuse your own identity in the midst of all these other portrayed identities.



We believe some humans are perfect in who they are and what they do.

What problems would they have or do they even lack in anything?

Here’s what we need to get right.

We are flawed human beings.

Some of us are good at hiding those flaws.

Some are good at overpowering their strengths.

But, all of us, every individual have their own set of flaws.

As an individual, becoming self aware is key to winning in life and that starts with knowing that everyone has flaws and you’ve them too.

There’s nothing wrong in that.

Own your flaws because they make you who you are!


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Knowing yourself is a journey

Knowing yourself is a journey

One of the best things about life is about being self aware, about knowing yourself.

If you know yourself, if you’re aware of who you are, you are aware of your thoughts, your emotions, your interests.

Knowing that, or rather understanding that about yourself is an advantage few people get to experience.

However, knowing yourself is not a destination.

There isn’t an end point to this process.

What we have to understand is we are complicated beings, changing, evolving on a daily basis.

The more we learn, the more experience we gain, the more our thoughts change, our actions change, our emotions change.

Not just those, but our interests change too, our plans, our purpose, everything.

Knowing that, one of the biggest things we need to realize is that knowing ourself is a journey.

Of course the key is to become self aware as a process, as a tool to unlock our lives, not just to unlock a closed door.


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