Listening is an underrated skill

Listening is an underrated skill

We talk. We like to blabber. We listen to reply, and not to learn and understand someone else. That’s how we have programmed ourselves to be.

If someone doesn’t talk, they’re labelled as arrogant, selfish, or what not.

But what is someone labelled as who listens well?

Listening is a skill that isn’t headlined enough and is surely lacked in many of us. Let’s call it an underrated skill. Those who have the skill understand its value, those who don’t never will.

When you actually listen, you observe, you understand that certain someone, you understand their perspective, their point of view. Moreover, you get to learn something yourself, you get to widen your perspective, you get to understand how people of a certain taste think or act for example. All of that happens when you just listen.

Instead of throwing up your opinions everywhere, how about just listening? How about polishing that underrated skill in your life portfolio?