Why Twitter is my most liked social media platform?

Why Twitter is my most liked social media platform?

Out of all the social platforms that I consume or create content on, whether it is Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or Pinterest or Quora…

I feel, out of all, if I had to pick one, if one of them had to be my favourite, I’d choose Twitter.

Now, of course, the current trend is all about Instagram, that’s where the eyes are, and the numbers point toward Instagram, Facebook and YouTube mostly.

Then, why Twitter?

Having its own set of advantages and disadvantages, here’s why Twitter would be my first and favourite pick of all the other platforms

– mainly, a text-based platform
Whether it is 280 character tweets, or Twitter threads, it is easier to consume, and easier to read. Twitter is for those who love to read, but short-form.

– sharing thoughts
A platform where you don’t have to necessarily click pictures and post, nor design creatives for. Just share what’s on your mind, share your point of view, share your thoughts, and you’re done.

– community approach
To know people’s views on a certain trending topic or whether it is jumping in a random conversation, all of that can happen only on Twitter.

– chronological order
This is a controversial one and there are people who support this or don’t, but for me, I love that Twitter still has a chronological view of your feed, you don’t miss out on anything, everything is given their due importance and you don’t get anything extra.

reach out
No other platform has easier access than Twitter, when it comes to connecting with whomever you want to, reaching out to them and communicating with them.

Every platform have their own set of advantages and disadvantages and you always get a different experience on every platform.

Said that, I feel Twitter is special and a different experience altogether.


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