Every Word has an Idea

Every Word has an Idea

So many times, someone or the other is seeking an idea. An idea could be for anything, a project, a company, a book, a film, a blog post, literally anything.

Sometimes that hunt is easy and the idea comes quickly to you, and sometimes (everyone who has been seeking an idea has gone through this), that the hunt becomes too difficult at times too, and you don’t seem to get that idea soon enough.

But the more you observe, and the more you think in depth, and allow those thoughts to go as random as possible, you’ll notice that every word has an idea attached to it.

Every word means something. Now when you start looking at that exact word from different lenses and put it in different contexts, your mind comes up with thoughts around it, it automatically stitches that word with other words and now that same thought ends up thinking about a topic.

More often than not, some words are powerful enough, when you start thinking about that word and everytime you’re able to think of something new around it (pertaining to you having a open mindset, allowing your mind to wander around as well as having an interest towards whatever you’re thinking about).