Instagram Reach has gone for a toss

Instagram Reach has gone for a toss

If you actively post on Instagram, then you must have noticed that the organic reach has gone for a toss.

It is true for all accounts, but more so for the micro creators.

And this reach has affected all types of posting, whether an Instagram Story or an Instagram post.

This change, however coincides with the introduction of Instagram Reels to the app.

In a rush towards promoting their Reels feature and trying to make it a success, their algorithm change has affected everything else for the creators.

By this, Instagram wants to unofficially say that one should either post a Reel or take the hit of their usual form of content not reaching to the regular amount of people or more.

They have played it quite smartly here, to be honest, because this feature of Reels is a direct competitor to TikTok and the upcoming short form video apps that have already hit the market and trying to make their base.

In such a turn of events, of course they’d like to make this feature a hit and get an established base of short form video creators on their app itself.

Nonetheless, it is hurting the other avenues, whether someone would agree to that or not.

Now, as a creator, either one should try and experiment with different avenues of posting other than Instagram and grow their branches out to other places or ride in the wave of creating Reels too.


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