The ‘More than 1 Follower’ Responsibility

The ‘More than 1 Follower’ Responsibility

If you have more than one follower on any of the social media platforms, you have a responsibility.

A responsibility that is not a rule per se, but one that needs to be upheld for humanity to walk together and progress.

This responsibility states that you do your best

– to ensure your words and actions don’t put anyone down,

– to ensure you help out someone else, if you can

– to share what will make someone else’s life better (that doesn’t mean you post for other people, but that also means that you don’t post anything degrading or offensive to anyone else)

– and, to mainly ensure that you walk with others and not against them.

These are not rules. These are not laws. But sometimes, humanity is beyond that, and to progress, to unite, to move forward, we must come together with a unified set of responsibilities such as these, especially on online platforms that connect us globally in order for that to happen.