Pick your Battles

Pick your Battles

All of us, every day, have a ton of stuff to do, and there’s a limited period of time to do them.

In the midst of managing your time, trying to complete your tasks, give enough time to every sector of your life, there will be moments with others, with yourself, with some situations, where it may not go according to your expectations, or you may not be on the same page with a certain someone, or you might be in the wrong.

The point is, when these moments do occur, you have to pick your battles.

Give more than enough time to one particular thing and you take away the time from the other things… Time, energy and peace.

So when you have to pick your battles, you have to let go of your emotions, and you have to choose which conversation is worth arguing for, which outcome is worth fighting for, which situation requires more of you, and for others you just let go.

Not every situation is worth winning, not every situation is worth fighting for. At those times, you have to be smart enough to pick the right battles and move on from the rest.

These battles happen every day, some are happening with yourself too… But if you just hold onto one, then how will you live the rest of the day?