Self-created Shackles

Self-created Shackles

Either through

– the identities we create,

– the thoughts we have,

– the limitations we put on ourselves,

– the narratives that are set by the society,

– the biases set in our brain,

– the fight towards wanting to be right,

– the fear of being judged,

– the need to be better than others…

There are a bunch and more of self-created shackles that we continue to put on ourselves, thinking this is how life is run, thinking this is how life is supposed to be.

But these shackles are put on ourselves by ourselves. With a choice.

This is a self-created prison and we continue to torture ourselves. We continue to go through it, and we continue to suffer through it.

BUT, that’s only until we realize that we have the keys to get rid of these shackles as well.

A path to create a new mindset, a path to have better thoughts, a path to not compare or judge and be judged, a path to be open and independent and free of the society narratives and biases, a path to grow and evolve, a path that will take time and patience, a path where results won’t be seen in a day or a week, but even if it takes a year or more, knowing the path is freer than before, you’re ready to walk on it, you’re ready to get rid of those self-created shackles.