Thinking, Thinking, and Overthinking

Thinking, Thinking, and Overthinking

Minute 1: Thinking about the Past (a certain action or a consequence of it)

Minute 2: Thinking about the Present (how you’re currently feeling, living the consequences of yesterday)

Minute 3: Thinking about the Future (how is today going to affect my tomorrow)

Minute 4: How could I have changed my past? (how could I have acted differently)

Minute 5: How can I change what I am currently feeling?

Minute 6: What can I do to not feel this tomorrow?

Minute 7: Thinking about how can tomorrow look different than today?

Minute 8: Daydreaming about an alternate timeline where everything is perfect

Minute 9: Overthinking about everything

And just like that, 9 minutes were spent on something that happened in the past, spread through today and the imaginative tomorrow. Alternate timelines were created, alternate scenarios were created, but with a lack of action, nothing changed.

The loop might repeat yet again, in another hour, in a few hours, multiple times in a day, for different topics, and different thoughts, again and again.

This happens to everyone.

The loop of thinking, thinking, and overthinking.

Until one can learn to snap back, be in the moment, understand what’s in their control, what’s not, what can be changed and what cannot be, and the actions that can be taken to actually change the today and tomorrow.