The Guilt Moments

The Guilt Moments

You are living a healthy lifestyle and you suddenly crave something deep-fried or something extremely sweet, you eat it. But then, you feel guilty too.

You were working for four straight hours and you want to take an afternoon nap before proceeding with another four hours. You decide to sleep, but then you feel guilty about it.

Or you want to watch a movie or a show and you feel guilty about doing so, when you could’ve done something productive instead.

These are called the guilt moments.

You want to do something and you have made up your mind for it. But after doing it, you feel guilty about it too.

And when you feel the guilt, is when things go haywire in your mind and body, those after-effects can be felt.

On top of it, it doesn’t change the outcome nor does it do any good, it only results in a waste of thoughts, time and energy.

Instead, how about openly indulging in those “guilt” moments, enjoying them because you wanted to. No one is forcing any of it on you. And what’s self-imposed can be changed with practice.