The ability to see beyond

The ability to see beyond

What’s the basic viewpoint of our individual selves? How everything and how everyone affect our lives is what we care about.

Everyone wants to live their life a certain way, and they want everything and everyone else to abide by those standards and expectations so their life can be lived according to how they fantasized it.

In a scenario of this sorts, the mindset becomes so limited, that we only see ourselves, and we see our own advantage in everything. Here’s where ego and jealousy and competition boils up.

Where an individual stands out is when they develop an ability to see beyond themselves.

This ability comes in when they develop a mindset of growth, a mindset of service, a mindset to help others.

This ability helps in seeing beyond their identity, beyond their beliefs, and now empathy grows in, perspective grows in. Now, they see other people, situations of their life in a different light, they approach themselves, within and exterior, in a way different than before.

The ability to see beyond themselves helps to think bigger, to approach life in a bigger manner, to see the world in a wider form than before, your viewpoint has here shifted from yourself to the world.