RTHReviews : Ted Lasso

RTHReviews : Ted Lasso

A brilliantly made show that touches all your emotions and makes you ponder upon your own life.

What’s Ted Lasso?

The show follows U.S. American football coach Ted Lasso who heads to the U.K. to manage a struggling London football team in the top flight of English football, having no idea on coaching the sport. Streaming on AppleTV+.

Jason Sudeikis is the centrepoint of the show, bringing such a wave of hope and optimism in his character, Ted Lasso that you almost never know the outcome of his process but you’re always rooting for him.

As mentioned earlier, the show touches upon the motivational aspect of life, the importance of teamwork (bringing everyone on board with a single focus is such a task, but when it does, you can see the beauty of it), the importance of your core group in your life, and overall a bigger purpose that you live by.

Ted Lasso, the show, drifts through personal characters and characters as a group, their journey, their ups and downs, and the cast alongside Jason Sudeikis has a done such a brilliant job at this.

Yes, I’m a bit late to the Ted Lasso party, and just before the season 2 arrival, so yeah more episodes sooner rather than later. Moreover, Apple really has done such a remarkable job with this.

One Word Review : Uplifting