A moment of rest

A moment of rest

In a day of attending to your personal and professional tasks, in a day of listening to others, in a day of constant noise, in a day of chasing things, in a day of deadlines and calls,

Don’t forget to take a moment of rest.

Don’t mix the concept of rest and sleep. Both are different concepts and both are important in their own right.

Rest is to just recuperate your breath, rest is to stay still for a while, rest is to not focus on anything, but to also not distract yourself with anything.

Rest is to take a break for yourself. Rest is to not burden yourself with personal tasks or self improvement or learning during your rest. The right way to manage your time is to balance everything and give some time, whether a few minutes or more for your rest as well.

A concept not spoken of enough, a concept that is looked down upon, and yet it is the rest that springs you back into action, puts you back into focus, gives you the stillness to be in action for the rest of the time, rest is important.

Rest for a while, if you haven’t already.

A forceful break, regards the body

A forceful break, regards the body

How its often told that you should balance your life, that you should take macro breaks in between things, and micro breaks in between different tasks during your day as well…

Sometimes we do it and sometimes we don’t.

Those breaks are as beneficial as the things that we were doing if not for those breaks. Both have their time and place and importance.

A break of that kind allows you to rest, to rejuvenate, to gather yourself to go all out again.

But sometimes, unknowingly, your body decides to give you a break as well (either because you didn’t know you needed it or because you were taking on too much).

A forceful break, temporary, is sometimes handed over to you, when you can’t take a decision but you just have to accept that break and wait for things to get back better again.

Such breaks could be of any kind, but instead of freaking out, may be we just ought to listen to our mind and body, and just understand the signals being sent to us, and the takeaways from those signals.

Sometimes, a break is forced onto you, regards the body.

When you Ask yourself for Space

When you Ask yourself for Space

You keep pushing yourself to the limits, you squeeze in every bit of energy and focus towards your goal, towards the path you’re walking on and you enjoy it as well.

However, there are times in this process when you feel burnout, when you feel too much, when you feel you don’t want to do it anymore, but for the moment.

At such times, you’ve to listen to your mind, your body – what message are they sending you? Are you trying you to spread yourself too thin?

It is at these moments when you drop everything, kick back and just relax – don’t overthink it, don’t overdo it – just give yourself some space and then get back to it when you feel like you’re ready to go all out again.

Listen to your mind and body, and not just when it comes to working and goals, but also in terms of your lifestyle, your sleeping habits, your eating habits, your thoughts – your mind and body know more than you know yourself – listen to them.


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