Not all days are the same.

Not all days are the same.

Not all the days are the same?
Do you agree?

Even though you execute day in-day out, even though you approach the day positively…

There are times when you won’t get the expected results from that day

There are days with such downs

There are times when you don’t feel the push

That’s natural

That’s bound to happen!

1. You have to accept that such things happen

2. Instead of taking it negatively, what you can do is, to approach the next day more positively, because you can make the next day better.

3. When you’re in love with the process, then such days don’t affect you much, because ultimately, you’re doing something that you like to do.

Sunday is a Good Day!

Sunday is a Good Day!

Yes, we should cherish every day we get to live and every day is a boon for us to do something we didn’t do the day before.


However, don’t you think Sunday is a good day?

How do I mean?

I’m not saying that, in terms of, waiting for the weekend to arrive and when will the weekdays get over.

Not that.

But, in terms of, Sunday gives you that chance
– to take a step back
– to relax
– to chill
– to take the workload off your mind
– to take a break
– to spend some time alone
– to spend time with your loved ones

Could be anything or more!

Hey, you can even work on a Sunday, what ever makes you feel content and satisfied!

Nonetheless, taking all those above pointers in mind, don’t you think, Sunday is a good day where you get to do all of those things and none of those things, get it?


What You Think – You Attract

What You Think – You Attract

You can achieve anything, once you set your mind towards it.


When people around you, say it’s not possible, it should give you the energy to do it even more than before.

Weekends > Weekdays? Agree or Not?

Weekends > Weekdays? Agree or Not?

The problem is not enjoying the weekends, all of us have the right to take a break and chill for a while!

Do you know where the problem arises?

When people love Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays more than the rest of the week! When people cringe Mondays and Wednesdays and can’t wait for Fridays to arrive!

And do you know why that happens?

Because you don’t love what you’re doing on those days, and you find more happiness during the weekends when you aren’t doing it.

When you love what you do, and are fortunate enough to do it everyday, then you love all days and irrespective of the ‘weekdays’ and the ‘weekends’, all days are the same and you simply can’t wait for that Monday to arrive and start off again!

Of course, in some situations, depending person to person, I for one, love to work on the weekends too – why waste time on things I do not like where I can probably invest that time on improving myself!


Sunday Motivation

“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” – Dolly Parton