Client Deadlines

Client Deadlines

Be it any kind of a project, most of them always have some kind of a deadline attached to them.

Sometimes its a specific date and sometimes a period in which you have to submit your project.

You work diligently towards it, put in all your efforts and there’s even times when you feel you will be done way before the deadline.

However, what about the unaccounted circumstances that could derail the process?

Speaking of the current times, it could be because of COVID-19 on a macro level or on a micro level, technical or domestic or any such issue which derails that deadline?

The truth is, there are things you can’t control and such things are unfortunate and cannot be accounted for.

What do you then?

If you have exhausted all your possibilities and there’s nothing that can be done until that certain issue is back on track, all you can then do is this…

Be honest with the client.

Communicate transparently and be upfront with your issue and the solution that you have thought of.

If not a solution, at least the deadline extension that’s on your mind.

When you’re honest with your client, and honest with your process, with this positive approach that you’ve taken, things actually turn out to be good.

With such amount of honesty and transparency shown, and the dedication that’s already seen in your work, clients and the communications with them turn out to be quite flexible and that gives you the leeway to work freely. That’s the best kind of a relationship and a project one could ask for.


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