There is no Backup to Entrepreneurship

There is no Backup to Entrepreneurship

If entrepreneurship is something that flows within you, then you wouldn’t want to do anything else; there is no backup.

There’s a certain aura of doing it on your own, no matter how small or big, that makes you want to do it even more. The vision, the passion, the energy, the struggles, the journey is so incredible; you just love it.

When you create your company, it becomes your baby, your child; you want to grow it, you want to nurture it and take care of it. The words may seem out of context, but it’s not, it’s the truth.

No matter how many backups you create, if entrepreneurship is within you, you’ll do whatever it takes, start ‘x’ number of companies until you make it, but you shall keep doing so. #Facts


Do you have an idea?

Believe it or not, ideas are easy; what matters is the following,

  • What is your USP?
  • Is the plan sustainable?
  • Are you thinking from the long-term perspective or just turning a quick buck around?
  • What are your intentions?

Knowing these answers will help you reverse-engineer your idea’s potential and whether you should proceed with it.

All you need to do is, mix it with passion and execution, and you’re all set.


Is Entrepreneurship a viable option for you?

Is Entrepreneurship a viable option for you?

To pursue entrepreneurship, you first need to ask yourself these three questions  —  What, Why and How of Entrepreneurship?

A. What is Entrepreneurship for you?
Before starting up, you need to answer what entrepreneurship means to you. Whether the solution is providing value or living on your own terms or experiencing a luxurious life, all are fine — but, you need to know the answer for a clearer path in the future.

B. Why Entrepreneurship?
For most people, the current image of entrepreneurship states earning money and buying luxurious items. After hearing the question, “What’s the first luxurious item you desire?”, the consensus always seems to be a private jet.

Nonetheless, there are other reasons too, playing the long-term game and focusing on providing the value; trying to make a dent in the world; living on your own terms; chasing the freedom.

Here’s where the ‘Why’ comes in the picture.

Any of these reasons are legit, but for yourself. If you aim for such goals to show it off in front of friends and family or to prove it to the society — then your motive is sincerely erroneous.

Entrepreneurship gives you the freedom to make decisions for yourself. Whatever makes you happy! For yourself!

C. How to succeed in Entrepreneurship?
Once you’ve answered the ‘What’ and the ‘Why’, then comes the ‘How?’

The ‘How’ is important because if you’re here to accomplish something meaningful, you can’t run for shortcuts; you have to do it the right way. Plus, you need to be patient when you’re playing the game.

I’m a huge believer in the long-term game, always have been. When you set your mind towards your goal, it will happen. The ‘When’ is up to you — how fast or slow you execute — without any complaints at the end — because you created the entire path.

Now that you’ve answered the three main questions, the What, the Why and the How — you now have a clearer path in front of you. One that solves the mystery, “Is entrepreneurship a viable option for you?”