Create, Don’t Hate

Create, Don’t Hate

If you consume anything on any of the social media platforms, you’d also notice that there’s a lot of hate out there.

At such times, you have a choice to do something about it.

Either you let that content consume you too or stay away from it and probably, someone else would be affected from it.

There’s a third door that is often not visible but we can choose to see it and open it too.

That is the door of creation.

How about instead of hating the people spreading the hate, or hating that content, taking a different path of creating content that tackles it.

Spreading some Positivity, Happiness and Love on the internet, if you have it within you.

Hate can only be overpowered by love and positivity, but someone has to take that step of spreading it.

One content piece at a time, one person, and as time passes, it can become a movement to spread love and positivity on the internet too, making it a good place again.

Create, Don’t Hate


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