Why Twitter is my most liked social media platform?

Why Twitter is my most liked social media platform?

Out of all the social platforms that I consume or create content on, whether it is Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or Pinterest or Quora…

I feel, out of all, if I had to pick one, if one of them had to be my favourite, I’d choose Twitter.

Now, of course, the current trend is all about Instagram, that’s where the eyes are, and the numbers point toward Instagram, Facebook and YouTube mostly.

Then, why Twitter?

Having its own set of advantages and disadvantages, here’s why Twitter would be my first and favourite pick of all the other platforms

– mainly, a text-based platform
Whether it is 280 character tweets, or Twitter threads, it is easier to consume, and easier to read. Twitter is for those who love to read, but short-form.

– sharing thoughts
A platform where you don’t have to necessarily click pictures and post, nor design creatives for. Just share what’s on your mind, share your point of view, share your thoughts, and you’re done.

– community approach
To know people’s views on a certain trending topic or whether it is jumping in a random conversation, all of that can happen only on Twitter.

– chronological order
This is a controversial one and there are people who support this or don’t, but for me, I love that Twitter still has a chronological view of your feed, you don’t miss out on anything, everything is given their due importance and you don’t get anything extra.

reach out
No other platform has easier access than Twitter, when it comes to connecting with whomever you want to, reaching out to them and communicating with them.

Every platform have their own set of advantages and disadvantages and you always get a different experience on every platform.

Said that, I feel Twitter is special and a different experience altogether.


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A rant on ‘The Social Dilemma’

A rant on ‘The Social Dilemma’

A lot can be said about social media, in general. Where I’m an advocate for it, it has its disadvantages as well.

Why an advocate, because stating simply, it is a new form of medium, one like the television, the radio and the newspapers, which helps in connecting with people all over the world, helping you share your opinions, helps in building your community.

Where more advantages can be stated, there are much more disadvantages than that as well.

Disadvantages in the form of people behind the scenes of these social media platforms playing puppeteering with its consumers and consumers not being smart enough playing into their hands every time.

It leads to manipulation and alteration of thoughts and emotions and ultimately results in you rooting for something you didn’t know you had an interest in.

We saw a glimpse of this during the 2016 US Elections and the documentary based on that called ‘The Great Hack, on Netflix. I wouldn’t blame just the platforms or the people smartly using the platforms to their advantage but also the consumers who fall for these techniques.

Now, we have this great documentary which sheds greater light on these issues, from the platform’s point of view, The Social Dilemma, “a powerful exploration of the disproportionate impact that a relatively small number of engineers in Silicon Valley have over the way we think, act, and live our lives.”

images - 2020-09-14T224744.083.jpeg
Whilst a lot of what was shown here was already going through my mind for a while now, it was great to see, not just someone’s perspective of these problems, but to actually see professionals who have worked on these social media platforms and tools and to understand their perspective while making/creating them.

How easy it is for our attention to be captured, how easy is it for us to be manipulated, our behaviours to be changed, without even consciously noticing it.

Sure, someone might say, ‘I’m aware of these problems and the impact it has on people’ but then you let these same tools impact you too.

These very platforms, the people with the agenda using these platforms, use these tools to enrage the people, to anger them, to change their opinions – and every time they set their minds to it, its a success.

The amount of fake news that gets circulated, the engagement such news gets, how people easily believe them and the mob mentality takes over.

Time and again, we see situations and circumstances where these things happen and the documentary of this stature just slightly sheds a light on it.

The issue, of course, is much larger.

What can be done then?

Social Media is the present and the future, it’s only going to get more evolved and get more deeply rooted in to our lives.

As time passes, more and more platforms are going to pop up, with more tools to psychologically impact us.

People creating them are going to make money.

What can we, as the consumers do then?

Not everyone can keep their phones aside or start using flip phones like the previous times.

Setting our minds to it, creating systems around our life, having willpower added to the equation, every step needs to be taken one at a time.

Whether it is

  • turning off notifications, or
  • setting time limits to these platforms, or
  • becoming aware of your screen time, or
  • becoming aware of who you follow or whose content do you consume,
  • whether the news you’re sharing is fake or authentic
  • changing the position of your apps on the phone, so you get rid of the muscle memory, when it comes to automatically opening your phone and these apps within periods of time.


Small measures, small changes make the biggest impact in our lives.

This issue, if you seriously understand, is massive and needs to be solved one day a time.

I, personally, have faced these issues of social media addiction of checking the feed, checking the likes, doomscrolling, and every time I realize it, I try to come up with systems and measures to counter it.

Alas, the pit is deeper than it looks and I do fall in time and again, but at least I’m happy with the awareness of it, and the power to change my future steps.

This rant is never going to get over, nor this issue. The documentary is just the start of making us aware of these issues at hand, and hopefully we as the society rise and tackle this issue together.


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Platforms’ Effectiveness

Platforms’ Effectiveness

With the number of social media platforms available, which platform should your brand focus on?

Each of these platforms have a role to play, each have a specific type of audience, and they will perceive your brand differently.

In such a scenario, an in-depth study of the brand is needed to know which platform is useful for them and which is not.

Often, the sole focus goes only on Facebook and Instagram or sometimes, solely Instagram.

However, pertaining to the type of brand, there are times when a Pinterest or Snapchat or TikTok or even LinkedIn could turn out to be more impactful in terms of reaching out to your preferred audience.

Sometimes you need to be active on all the platforms available.

Every platform has a different exposure for your brand, and one should know how to turn it around and make it work for your brand.



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The Cost of Entry is Zero

The Cost of Entry is Zero

• Tips on how to Zazz your Brand #17 – The Cost of Entry is Zero •

The number of social media platforms is endless and at this point in time, there is no way to focus on just one. To be present online, you have to present on at least more than one platform to garner attention towards your brand.

However, as we all know. Facebook’s organic reach has gone down over the last few months/ years, and next in line is Instagram. Soon, the platform’s organic reach will go down and it already is showing the indications.

When that happens, people will start complaining and ranting about social media platforms and raise questions about Instagram being one of the platforms who will make you promote ads and earn money.

Although, if you think about it, the answer is right there. Even if that happens, the cost of entry to this or any of the past or future platforms is still zero. The platform is free to use. It may become a bit difficult but still free.

When the cost of entry is zero, you cannot really dismiss a platform where you can reach out to hundreds and millions of people and build your community. Plus, you cannot complain about it either. There’s no alternative solution where you get to reach out to people and create content for them – so when you have it in front of you, why not take advantage of it.

Come to think of it now, you cannot really dismiss Facebook either, right?