So much we don’t know

So much we don’t know

Right from the beginning to our schools and colleges, from people around us to the internet, we have been constantly learning something.

Every sort of learning that occurs moulds us into something more, every day.

Some part of that learning was conscious, some subconscious. Some of that learning happened willingly and some forceful or through associativity.

And with every learning that happens, we feel we know so much… We make our decisions based on that learning and based on what’s good for us (which is again derived from that learning).

But, it’s only when you want to know more, when you open your eyes, do you realize that there’s so much we don’t know.

In comparison to what we know, there must be 99.99% more things that we don’t know. It is at that point when there’s also a realization of how little understanding do we have of things, how inexperienced we are in most things, and how much more we could be if we know more… Only if we take the effort to know more.

That realization leads to that learning, in order to grow and evolve, as an individual we must constantly focus on learning. Learning in every sector of our lives, learning the depths of mostly everything that we find interesting.

The more we learn, the more we’ll understand things around us, the more we’ll understand reality in general and ultimately everything that we do will have an impact on everything else eventually.