Sit with ‘It’

Sit with ‘It’

You may be stuck with a problem, you may not like a particular emotion that’s staying with you, a memory that’s coming back to you…

Our usual instinct is to get rid of any of the particulars, so we escape, i.e. normally done with the help of any kind of distractions.

As soon as we get distracted, there’s a change in our thoughts or emotions, and what we were stuck with or rather what we didn’t want to encounter is now gone.

That road seems like the easier path to take. And as often as it works, the problem with that path is, it keeps popping up time and again.

What looks a tougher road to take even before we begin is to address ‘it’. ‘It’ could be anything – a emotion, a problem or a memory.

Amongst a bunch of processes that can be tried and tested for this, varying from individual to individual, a method that works wonders is to sit with ‘it’.

Instead of escaping and distracting yourself, sit with whatever you’re stuck with.

Usually, we avoid that distress only for it to dig even deeper and erupt on a larger scale next time.

When you sit with that ‘it’, what you also allow is to face that discomfort, and when you are ready to face it, is when you’re able to see things more clearly.

At those times, you’re able to understand yourself more, able to understand that ‘it’ more, and now with time, able to understand how do you tackle or face the ‘it’.

Only when you sit with ‘it’.