Sir Alex Ferguson : Never Give In Review

Sir Alex Ferguson : Never Give In Review

An absolutely fantastic documentary, giving a light on Sir Alex’s 2018 falling incident and him thinking he’d lose his memory and his identity, and ultimately showcasing his journey as a player and a deeper insight into his managerial era.

This one is not just for the Manchester United fans, but anyone who’s interested in football would love it.

The documentary gives an in depth look at SAF’s career, his life, his decison-making, and more importantly his mindset. (For years, everyone has talked about his approach to the game and what was the secret behind his success… And now we get a sneak peek of it)

Its emotional, heart-touching and there’s a lot to learn from the legend himself, not to forget the goosebumps from time to time, along with a tear or two.

This is a must watch. (I do wish the documentary was longer, I wish Sir Alex would have delved deeper until 2013, but they wanted to capture his message, and maybe that was what mattered)