5 Lessons to learn from ‘Mirzapur 2’

5 Lessons to learn from ‘Mirzapur 2’

Done watching Mirzapur 2, just like most with access to the OTT platforms have, what can I say that already hasn’t been said.

Every episode felt like a film on its own, with a unique experience, this season brought so much depth and nuance to all the characters and the storyline, their arcs were just amazing to watch.

Glad with a lot of things that occurred, and simultaneously sad with some of them as well. And that just speaks how the show grips you emotionally and ties you into its universe.

Having seen English tv series for over a decade, amongst other great shows, I’m just glad to have Mirzapur on our Indian roster.

This show is just wow.

Having said all of this, I also sensed a lot of takeaways from this season, that can also be taken as life lessons, that will help sometime or the other, in life.

A. You always have a Choice
Whatever you do in life, no matter the circumstance at hand, you always have a choice.

A choice of how you’d like to proceed, a choice of how you want to approach, or change, a choice of decisions.

What you choose then changes your path and your life as well.

B. Once you have set a goal, you’ll achieve it at any cost
The thing about having a goal in life is that, once you’ve set one and truly accepted it as something you want, you’ll keep at it until you achieve it.

You’ll be persistent, you’ll not hear a no, you’ll keep making mistakes, learn from them, but keep moving forward until you achieve that goal.

C. Sometimes all you need is Love
Sometimes you do things, you create this pressure on yourself, you try to prove to others, you try achieving things, all because in return for everything, you were only looking for love.

You wanted this love and acceptance, for which you were ready to do anything, even though you may have no interest in any of it. That’s the significance of love.

D. The ones closest to you cannot be trusted at times
You need to be on the constant lookout for who’s around you, what their intentions are, and how much do they really support you.

Because, even people with sweet and loving words may have ill intentions behind your back and you’d never know. Have those around you, whom you can trust and who trust you as well.

E. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
There’s nothing you do that goes unnoticed. Every action of yours has a repercussion, in what form, you don’t know.

This statement is almost similar to the concept of karma, where the kind of deed you do, is what you get back as well. How does it come back to you, is not in your control, but what you do in the first place is what’s in your control.


The best part about storytelling and stories in general is that there’s always some takeaway from it, if you wish to see that perspective. There’s always something to learn and always something to improve at, and this time, those lessons were taken from Mirzapur 2.

P. S. Awaiting Season 3. 🙂


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