How are you doing vs How are you doing today?

How are you doing vs How are you doing today?

A simple question that is often asked by mostly everyone, if not all is, “How are you doing?”

A question that is followed by a Hello or Hi before the real conversation begins. Sometimes the question shows care and compassion, but usually, it’s just part of a routine.

Even the reply has become a standard one, “I’m fine” or “I’m doing good”.

Whether you are or not is a different issue altogether. You want to respond and then get on the topic or situation at hand.

But let’s make a slight modification to that question, “How are you doing today?

A potential response to such a question would be, “Overall I’m doing good. But today’s not so great. A certain something took place and now I’m feeling x because of it.”

Just by adding a word at the end of your question, you now ask something that opens up the other individual and allows them to share the real answer to that question. Not just that, but that simple addition of a word shows the difference in you and shows that it’s not a routine question anymore.

Try it out, next time when you have a conversation, ask “How are you doing TODAY?”